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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

Location: Brevard, North Caroilina

I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here I am

From time to time I get adgetated with things. The general circumstances of ones life, like we all do. Earlier I carried in fire wood for the next few day's. I turned and looked back at the house. There was just a hint of light shining in the sky giving a silhouette to the house, trees and a distant mountain. I looked at it for a second and I blurted out loud that when I come back from Iraq some things are going to change.

It's nice to have fresh Deer meat for Supper. It's "Supper", not Dinner. Dinner is Lunch. It's Breakfast, Dinner, Supper. That's the way it is...But, to say so is to be called a Hick. If you don't believe me look it up in the Dictionary. That's the way the meals are referred to by the older folks. I use it at times. But, it's a dieing thing in the South. Maybe here in Appalachia and other rural areas of the South are hold outs.

I had the most fun Hunting over Thanksgiving weekend. I hunted three different places in two different counties. Stories could be told, but, not now. I may take Friday off in addition to some of next week to Hunt. I won't Hunt this weekend. I have Drill. It's the Drill I like the least, the Christmas Drill where there is a big Unit Christmas Party. It's nothing against Christmas, but, I'd rather Train than watch the Sergeant Major dressed as Santa Claus have kids dance around him. Especially when I know one of my buddies could be dropping a Buck, and the food is way to be desired. But, if I was to go back to the day I left Active Duty, I would go in The Army Reserve all over again. I might have stayed on Active Duty another year, my friends invaded Panama with out me.

It's the last of November. I don't look forward to it going. Why? I have to move the calendar to the next month. I really enjoy the November Girl. I don't want to see her go. I have a Wicked Weasel calendar( I can see Ed grinning) they start the dates on Monday and end them on Sunday. It runs from Monday to Sunday, and that can throw you off. But, you'll not find a more cheerful calendar. I don't know if all Australian Calendars are like that. I'll have to ask. I've been pen pal'n with an Australian Girl, she told me what vegemite was this week. Knowledge is power and I now have more knowledge so therefore, I'm now more powerful. Wasn't that sweet of her.

Here is a short but, very interesting Hunting Story. Take it from someone who has ran Bears out of his yard, stood in front of them with nothing but a .410 Shotgun and has Hunted them off and on through the years...They're not Teddy Bears!

Also I have the NCOER to write. It's tuff to write one on someone you don't really know. I've asked others about him, read his last three reports, trying to do everything to be fair to him. But, it's still finding the right words. I'm ashamed to say that I got wrapped up in things and failed to have it written yet. Now, I have a couple of day's to "Git R Done". Honestly, I'm tired of hearing that.

I've rambled, you enjoyed it all of you Suicide Kings and Drama Queens, but, I'm not yet ready to talk about the things on my mind.
I'm going to miss Claire...
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Dabgum Thanksgiving

It's the time of year that we give thanks...and eat way too much. I remember once going to stay a couple of nights back off in the Mountains(I showed a picture of it once). It was Thanksgiving evening and I had a Ruck Sack full of stuff. I thought my guts were going to come out walking up that Mountain. What had ever possesed me to eat so muh, I knew it would hurt.
They just got through playing Liz Phair on the Radio. I'd be her Human Super Nova. I have to admire a woman like her, she's multi faceted. The first time I heard her, and it was Human Super Nova, I was on my way Deer Hunting one morning.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Frustrated Incorporated

Monday as you faithful readers know was the opening of Gun Season on Deer. I had to work, yet, I could get off in time to do a quick change, hop up into the Forest and get a quick Hunt in. The rain was coming down all day long. Hunting is good in the rain, but, not if it's too hard. The Deer just lay down. It broke just before quitting time. However the clouds sank lower and they became dark. It didn't look like I would have any "shooting light". So, I decided I would just throw some Slugs in the Shot Gun(Remington Model 29, 12 Gauge, yes, it is old) and throw on my Parka(I hunt in a Night Desert Parka) and Orange(Hunters have to wear it, hikers and bikers get the pass).
Yet, once I got to the Parking space it got heavier. I knew it would happen. I know when the clouds sink low and it grows dark they're getting ready to empty out. But, I wanted to just walk in long enough to catch a Deer out. It was too heavy. It just wasn't worth getting the Gun wet. I went and got my truck inspected instead.
Today I had the plans again. This time the rain was gone, but, a little blustery. The Sun shined and it clouded up a couple of times through the day. Snow was all across the Balsams(A Mountain Range), it was pretty. I had forgotten something though. We had a Safety Meeting, and, the Office Crowd stays until 5, so it was going to last until 5. Too late for me to do my quick change and hop into my spot. It's a conspiracy I tell you.
Maybe tomorrow. I am getting ready to have 2 1/2 day's of Hunting.

A Clean Horse Slayer
I've briefly mentioned a friend I call Horse Slayer. He killed a Horse. He darn near killed himself as well. The boy got himself into trouble with the law some months back. Now he's on tour of the NC Prison System. Some time back he started acting weird, real weird. I put some distance between the two of us. Turns out he got himself on Meth. He sent word to me through his Sister that he's been clean six months now. He has become involved with a Prison Ministry as well. This from a guy who would avoid any acknowledgement of God. I don't know if he figured we came from Darwin's Fish or what. Well, the thing is he never questioned. He never reflected...didn't think of the future. Never wanted to make sense of anything. He couldn't have a good time unless he had a drink and couldn't hear the Music unless it was loud. Now he has admitted his own imortality. God Bless him.

I'd go on, but, I've got to get gone.
A Rebel Without a Cause or a Heathen Without a Reason?
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just cause I don't run my mouth don't mean I got nothing to say

No Bear Hunt...I know your disappointed. I did go Squirrel Hunting yesterday afternoon. I saw one of the biggest Squirrels of my life. It must have been the size of a Shi Tzu. I pulled the hammer back on it(An H&R .410 Shotgun) but it slipped behind the tree, then it got dark. What does that mean t you? Nothing as far as I know.

Business First
Now, this may seem odd for me. But, it's something that I feel is important. One of our biggest problems we realized that we had after 9/11 was our lack of Arabic speaking Linguist. After invading Iraq the problem was compounded. To make up for the lack of Linguist the Military started hiring Iraqis to interpret. They work in different places and different situations. They often face the same dangers that US and Coalition Troops face. They actually face more. Helping the Americans can be bad for your health. Either way, no matter what, sooner or later, we are going to leave Iraq. As to what the place may be once when we leave, it's in the air. Scores can be settled on Interpreters. It can happen now. Whether they do it for Money, patriotic causes or just for the sheer pleasure, they are pretty darn brave. One Interpreter called "Kevin" was seriously injured by a VBIED. Some of the Soldiers who knew him are trying to raise money so that he can have a wheel chair. You can find more information about it here. Should we help these guys? Yes, we should. Regardless of their reasons, they've gone out on a limb for us. It's the right thing to do. You take care of your help.

There are efforts being made for us to understand Arabic. Most likely we all won't speak it but, a little understanding is better than none. I have a Language CD and "Smart Cards". All Courtesy of Uncle Sam. We should have a basic understanding at least. I also have an NCOER* to do on someone.

Here comes Gun Season
As soon as I get off tomorrow I'm heading to the woods. I'll only get about 45 minutes of sit down time, but, it' better than nothing. I once had a niece pick out a bullet for luck. I'd chamber that one. Well, she was no luck. Actually my Step Daughter picked one once that delivered. I always say a prayer before the Hunt. God doesn't pick bullets. What does that mean to you? You've got to read a lot of Deer Hunting stuff.

That's about all I feel like saying tonight. Maybe tomorrow night.

*Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report, it's an Army thing and it sucks. But, it has to be done.

Appalachian Intellectual...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Good Morning!
It was a refreshing 17 degrees on the Mountian this morning. Everytime I push the clutch in on my truck it sounds like I'm stepping on a squeek toy. I keep expecting to see my mothers dog jump in front of me ready to play.
Speaking of dogs, something crossed my mind last Saturday.

Wars less known
Some of the Cherokees most prominent towns were on the Little Tennessee River in Macon County NC. Everytime I'm in that valley I think of them. The Town of Franklin is built on the old Holy Town of Nikwasi. Up and down that river were agricultural fields, towns and hamlets...And battles.

The history leading up to it is a bit complicated, but, on the 27th of June 1760 British General Archibald Montgomery led 1,600 men down that river(it flows north like the French Broad). The Middle Cherokees led by Oconostota* stopped him in what is now the community of Otto NC on the present Tessentee Farm.

It's hard to find details discussing the battle. The one book I had discussing it to any length, I misplaced.

Montgomery walked right into an ambush. While his main force was engaged his Supply Train far to his rear was unguarded. A Cherokee Manuever Force took advantage of it. Roughly half of the Mules were caught. As well some of the British Drummers somewhere in the column were captured. While Montgomery's Highlanders were noted for their bravery it was no match for Oconostota's clever ambush and the Cherokees fierceness. The British had around 100 casualties, made camp briefly and withdrew, going back to Charleston. Montgomery was supposed to releive a besiged Garrison at Ft. Louden in what's now Tennessee.

The British were a modern, well equiped, disciplined force. The Cherokee wich numberd around half of their oponant were not as equiped using limited Firearms and Bow and Arrows(the rate of fire of a bow was greater than a musket). There are indications that they had formal Military Training. They knew the terrain and made excellant use of terrain. That was their way of fighting. They were fighting for their homes and families.

Montgomery failed. He underestimated his enemy( not savages but a Warrior Society) and failed to gather intelligence by making good use of scouts. He failed to adapt to his enemy's tactics. You see, he had already layed waste to the Lower Towns** in now SC at the foot of the Blue Ridge. There he had a number of approaches for 1,600 men. Not so once in the Mountains. Word had already reached the Mountain Towns and Oconostota had shadow patrols following The British from that point on. He did threaten to do the same if they didn't give in to certain demands, but, it was already on.

The next year another battle took place there where the Cherokee didn't fair as well.

The truth is I hunger for knowing more of this Battle. Every time it crosses my mind I wonder.

I don't have the time to go on to other subjects this morning. So, let's just say, you'l have a good weekend.
Appalachian Intellectual

* A Cherokee War Chief. They were titled as Ravens. To be a Raven you had to be a tough dude on top of being a great strategist. They had to catch a Raven by hand in order to earn the title.
** They had also suffered from disease decreasing their numbers.

It's all better now

Anyone who has been here the last couple of days has seen the awkward look of this Blog following the Ad SNAFU. It's all better now. A whole lot prettier isn't it? Heck, it did all kind of crazy things, mostly from my inept commands. Some of the fixes I figured on my own and some with help. It was real entertiaining.*
Well thanks largley to Murf, her knowledge of HTML and her kindness you can now look at this Blog and not think to yourself..."What has he done?".
Appalachain Intellectual...not genius

*It doesn't help to keep getting booted.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Hunting...Well, Sort Of

Meat On The Ground
Sometimes you get the Bear. Sometimes you don't get the Bear and, sometimes, the Bear gets you. Saturday, we got the Bear. Well, me and Twister neither one did. It was another Hunter working in conjunction with us. All of the action happened much to our rear. Neither of us knew about it until after we came out of the woods. A faulty Radio contributed to that. And, the fact that sound didn't carry well on that Mountain. The two of us wound up catching Dogs that were not in the "Race".
With me recovering from a Cold, Twister coming down with one and three Dogs(a Walker,a Black n Tan and a Cur) on our leads, we trudged off of the Mountain frustrated with our lack of Communication. We were sitting in the back of the Truck eating, a fourth Dog we had just caught howling when the Boy came up. "We've got meat on the ground". It was a 4-5 Year old Male weighing in around 230-250 lbs.
The Bear had apparently swatted one dog(a Plott) in the hind leg, but, she wasn't cut or anything. She's a smart Dog, she doesn't get too close.

Hill Billy Adrenaline Junkies
Despite everything, we had fun. Early on while we had the Dogs on our leads a pack of hounds ran the ridge above us. It sound as if they were in hot pursuit, a "Race". That broke up after a little, but, later it was back on. It's a intense feeling. You hear the Dogs barking and howling. They're excited, on the trail of a big, strong animal that can be very dangerous, and it's between you and them. Intense indeed.

Next Year
Next Hunting Season I should be in Iraq. So, obviously I'm trying to have a little more fun with this one. I most likely will be too busy to miss it next year. Yet, still, make the best out of it. It's one adventure or the other.
Information relevant to our mission is posted for us to read. I'm printing one off now. I wonder if my cartridge is going to handle it. I also have Bear Ribs to quarter. So, maybe I should finish this later.

And I don't need to be forgiven by them people in the neighborhood
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bears on The Brain

This Ad SNAFU is a dabgum pain. Bear with it.

Speaking of Bears! I love em! I'm going Bear Hunting Saturday. Wild Boar are in the mix too. I'm not 100% in health yet(I only managed a 1/2 day of work) but, I'll manage. It feels like someone is standing on my lower back. I'm happy to be breathing better. I hope none of you'l get it. It's a dabgum pain too. I just won't be in any races. I'll take it a little easier.

I got a new Rabbit Squealer. Just be glad that I can't make recordings. I searched for a Windows Media Player example, but, wasn't doing too well.(I bet AGT finds one!) Bosco, that's my dog for you newbies, is afraid of it already.

Ed has been missing his, and I've been missing mine. Battery Chargers for Digital Cameras. I'm so relieved. You'l just might get some Hunting Pics.

Bear Trivia.
The Cherokee believed that Bears descended from Man. I won't go into the story, but, there was a lazy boy who preferred to grub for a living than work. Eventually his whole Clan followed suit. They became hairy and got around on all fours. As much legend has Indians as a whole had to take ritual precautions on the taking of game. The Cherokee didn't have to on a Bear. Again, I won't go into the details of the story, but, the Animals were angry with man. The Bear first decided to kill man. He failed miserably, he didn't even get started. So, they took no precautions such as prayers and so forth.
The Cherokee word for Bear is Yona. Anyone who has gone through the Mountain Phase of Ranger School knows about Yona Rock at Dhalnoga GA. Bear Rock in other words.

Embarrassing Bear Hunting Facts
The weekend before Drill as I got out of the truck at the Boy's house I saw a shooting star. Yeah, I made a wish. Me and Twister both stepped in some getting the dogs.
I have a Camel Back I was wearing. I had taken the Bight Valve off so it didn't harbor any bacteria. I forgot it was out that morning and as soon as I hopped in the truck...Squish. All of the say about 2 1/2 liters I had in it came out. It was in the 20's too.

Just in case you are new
Oh, a Rabbit Squealer is a game call. I use a blow call. Keep it to yourself, you heathens, I know what your thinking. It's used to call in those predators, IE, Coyotes, Bob Cats, Bear, and so forth.

Appalachian Intellectual


Alright, Internet Explorer has my Blog showing up way past the links. If you see that let me know. Fix this stuff.

Appalachain Intellectual...just another Rockabilly Hill Billy Nerd

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Comercialized, Sick and Concerned About Your Safety

I've gone commercial. I could use the extra cash and Google doesn't charge for the use of Blogger so it's fair. We both benefit. That's all that I will say about that.

I've got a strong immune system. I lived in a house where Strepp Throat was an annual thing sometimes a semi annual thing. Never got it or Mono that time. So staying at home sick makes me feel like Moss could grow on me. Since I Wanna Be Sedated, I put The Ramones on. Their first one, remastered. That way I get to hear "Let's Dance" twice. I got a call this morning wanting to know if I was Hunting Saturday. A little more rest and I think I will.

Years back I was a Drill Sgt. I did it in a two week shot. "Summer Camp" as civilians call it. There was always a mean cold or the flu even going around. Those "kids" would get on the phone and that's where the bug lived. I got it everytime. I remember several times being on the Range in the hot sun with a tempature of 105. It was done on little rest too. We were always short handed always a job to do. You just sucked it up and drove on.

How do you say Chaos in French?
In case you live under a rock, there is large scale riots by Muslim Youths happening nightly around Paris. We Americans have an uneasy friendship with the French. Many "Conservatives"* are probably laughing to themselves now. Any Liberal with the slightest bit of humility to look inside their self should be sweating. But, that's rare, IE, historians could argue the French are more Imperialistic than we are(for a comment on that see ExMI's Blog). Some time back I was concerned France would become a place of Chaos, for a moment I thought it would be Britain. I thought France for several reasons...1) a large Muslim Immigrant population, which the French Government admitted was one of their main reasons for opposing the War in Iraq, 2) a highly socialized system, 3) Great unemployment(easier to recruit in), 4) geographical location(Pretty much centered on everything in industrialized Western Europe). Al Quada is not a group of dumb individuals. They know this too, and can work it to their advantage. Is Al Quada behind this? It's possible.
I didn't envision large scale riots, as much as I did militant actions in general. What you are seeing is much like Intafada I and, Intifada II. Intifada I was a success. Intifada II was more violent and not nearly as successful.
Either way, it's called Fourth Generation Warfare. As to the outcome of this? Will we see The Foreign Legion sent in to stop the violence? It can come to that. Let's hope France stops it before it get's further out of control. It's a very volital situation for all of the EU. It's hard to Combat Chaos. The whole world smelled like buring tires the day John Henry died.

Anarchy In The USA**
In the late 1970's a Peurto Riccan Seperatist Group did a series of attacks killing Policemen, Unarmed Sailors being transported in a Bus as well as walking down the street. They also destroyed Air National Guard Planes, and fired an Anti Tank Rocket(LAW) into the FBI Office in San Juan. The Cell was caught and that put an end to their violence. The day may come when we see similar events happen here in Mainland USA by groups like MS-13 or the Jihadist even. So don't snear at France, take a good look at yourself America.

*A real Conservative knows we should take steps to avoid this instead of pounding on our chest and telling everyone it's alright.
** I prefer the Sex Pistol origianl(Anarchy in the UK) or Megadeths version.
So where are you going to get your 4GW lecture using doses of Punk and Southern Rock? Only right here on Appalachian Patria!

Appalachian Intellectual...getting healthier one minute at a time.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yep, it's a big Ol' Rock. That's Looking Glass Mountain or Looking Glass Rock. Either way folks know where your talking about. That's the north veiw. It was posted entirley for your veiwing pleasure. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Great Big Post

First, I don't feel good. So, if you sit there and get these Sick vibes...It's true.

Drill sucked. Well, it didn't all suck, but, there was some real sucky stuff. Administrative kind of sucky stuff and general sucky stuff. When you have to hurry up and wait and stand in line...It sucks. No matter what. Regardless of who you are. Heck, the Commanding General has to hate that. Any how, that's the way it is. "Hurry Up and Wait Happens"...Make a heck of a bumper sticker. If you've been finger printed before you know how long it takes. One Print Set, two dozen guy's.

Ho Ho Ho
Well, my new Clothing issue came in. It felt like Christmas! I really needed them. But, we have a Progress Complexion. People said to me, "Why are you getting new ones? We're getting the new uniforms in a year". Maybe we are and maybe we aren't. Since I'm unofficially officially going to Iraq next year, chances are that I will. But, in the mean time I needed Uniforms. I heard this weekend that they are already making a change to the new ones. An article in Army Times warned of inferior copies being sold. Agh, it's just a fashion statement any more. It did feel like Christmas though.

One Heck of a Noise
I slept like a rock Friday night. I never do on a Saturday night though. I woke in the around 0200 and went to the Latrine, that's a Bath Room to you'l. OK Ed, the Head. a few minutes after I layed myself back down I heard a loud noise...BumpShrack...Well not exactly like that, but that's close for English Letters. It woke the boy in the room next to me. I looked out the window and saw nothing. I listened...Nothing. Then I got up and the other boy, who had been woken was up. He didn't know what it was either. I looked out side...Nothing. Just a set of tail lights going up the road. My woken buddy had saw them too. But, they were just past the Cabin. One of the guy's had parked parallel to the road and at 0545 we discovered that some one had rammed into the side of his truck at an angle. The MP's figured they hit it at 30 MPH. Now doing that to a fellow GI? So even if it didn't happen to me, that generally sucked.

Free Love
You want to know about this Iraq thing. A number of us have been selected to go, yours truly(insert smiley face hands waiving around head icon here) is amongst them. That's what Ft. McClellan was about. This I will say. No one really speaks of the situation on a Strategic Basis. Everyone has a matter of fact joking attitude that yeah, me and you are going to Iraq. There is no "Man we're really doing the right thing" or "Fuck this Bullshit"* being said. There are people who don't want to go. Most accept it quietly with a sense of determination. The other morning I ate with Jello and Jellouise where I ran into an old retired Gunnery Sgt**. He had been shot in the butt cheeks at Chosen Resevoir. He asked me what my situation was and I briefly explained. A few minutes later Jellouise asked me if Iwas nervous about going. My honest answer was not at the minute. Now when I'm going down Route Irish and road side garbage is exploding, I might be a little nervous. Please, if your a "Drive By Blogger"(Otherwise I preach to the quire) as General Hal Moore said, "Hate the War, love the American Warrior". Even if your not an American, feel free to love us.

Jello News
I'm dieing to call Jello Boy something else. He doesn't escape Jello though. On the Saturday before Halloween he dressed as Homer Simpson and dropped a Jello Shot on the floor. He ate it. At the party they asked who he had dressed as. He said he was Homer Simpson and ate Jello off of the floor. I wish he would earn a new nick name! The BIG Jello news is he's going to be a DADDY. Yep...Jellouise is expecting. But, Jello Boy has given birth to a nevouse smile weighing 4lbs 6 Oz.

Hill Billy Tea
I'm just now downing a Concoction. That's Liquor, Honey and Lemon...Microwaved. Take that and go to bed. I got it a little too warm though. Had to let it cool some. I've made pharmaceuticals. I know what goes in them...I avoid them. I am somewhat old fashioned in that way. I believe in sweating out a cold. This is a tough one. Two of the guys I work with, both healthy in their mid 30's had to go to the Doctor. Jack Daniels doesn't work.

NC Corn Liquor Competition
When I went to seee Southern Culture on The Skids the ol' boy said Stokes County had the best 'Shine, but, he had never had some from our side of the Blue Ridge. Someone next to me yelled Mitchell County. I could have yelled out for my beloved Transylvania but, I'm not an expert on such matters. Other than cough medicine I never touch it. And a beer seldom. It's just not me. Does that freak you out? If so, you have problems. OK, back to the best 'Shine. I figure we should have a North Carolina Corn liquor competition. Each County send in a sample. SCOTS can be the judge, since he has before. The Law would probably interfere with it. Someone didn't pay taxes on that stuff they won't let you pay taxes on you know.

I just stood up...I can tell I drank something powerful. Maybe I shouldn't be typing. I'm so glad I'm not an achoholic.

Well this post is not as big as I thought it would be.

Oh, I'm getting a new Predator Call. What does that mean to you? Nothing I supose.

Appalachian Intellectual

*My apologies on my language folks, but, you had to get the effect.
**An E-7 in the Marine Corps

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Sky is Falling

I looked at Yahoo this morning and saw the Chicken Little thing. With that Chic sitting in that broken egg it looks sort of like Joey Ramone...I Wanna Be Sedated!

Twister will be sorely dissapointed no one had anything to say about his rant. No, not nearly as good as his last one. OK, maybe Classic would be better.

Speaking of wich, check this out. You thought the Army only broke things.

Well, I need to get to work and it's Off to Drill...feels good to have my head buzzed.

Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Today was a beautiful Fall day. I'd much rather have been out sitting under some Oaks waiting on Squirells or running after some Dogs on a Bear than working down at the Slaughter House*. Maybe even trying to call one in just before dark. My series of thoughts lead to my frutration with writers block. I have several writings in the process and find it very hard to concentrate on them now. I figure that I will share the opening paragraphs of one of them. This is from "Stalker He Is Called"** This is only because you'l are nice folks. Hence, if your not nice, don't read it.

Children’s laughter intermingled with the yelping of dogs along the fields edges. New Moon could not see the playing of the animals and the young for the corn and the beans. Three stalks grew together forming a pod with beans climbing each. Between the pods there was squash with pumpkins and gourds scattered between. This allowed for the planting of plenty for the settlement, though seeing through the maze of vegetables was not easy.
Tuckasegee did not know hunger. The towns fields were bountiful and the surrounding mountains had plenty of wildlife. This gave a certain sense of security to New Moon. She had heard the elders talk of harder times, but, had not experienced them in her life. The sounds of the children began to grow closer to her as she looked for them. It was hard to see the smaller young ones with all of the greenery of the garden.. She pulled her long black hair behind her ear and wiped the sweat from her brow. It was very humid and the sun had been bright all day. She took her eyes off of the search for her and her sister, The Doe’s, children and looked behind her for the gourd water bottle. Finding it she brought the bottle to her lips and the cool liquid refreshed her body. As she brought the bottle down two boy’s of eight summers came running up to her. One boy was The Doe’s oldest son, the other was a member of the same clan, The Wolf Clan.
"Time you work", she told them. "Get the younger ones, keep them in sight". She was referring to her own and The Doe’s younger son. A low rumble of thunder sounded in the west beyond Cullowhee Mountain. New Moon looked to her older sister who was working closer to the rivers edge.
"Sister…Sister…", New Moon called. The Doe raised her head, looking over her shoulder and smiled to the younger woman. She too had sweat gathered on her brow, the sun glistening on her shoulders and bare breast while she smiled at New Moon. As The Doe pulled her hair back from her temples she suddenly jolted, her eyes widening and her lips puckering before her mouth fell open. New Moon knew something terrible had happened to her sister and screamed out for help. The Doe reached back with her right arm and clutched an arrow patrudeing from her side just under her armpit next to her breast. An inaudible word escaped her lips as she fell forward. "Husband!", New Moon shouted as loud as she could while rushing to her fallen sister. Behind her from the gardens edge two war whoops sounded and were echoed by others in the distance. New Moon felt tears streaming from her cheeks and saw them fall onto her sisters head as she lay prone on the earth. She raised The Doe’s head, looking on her face. The Doe’s eye’s were glassy and her face was flush, only shallow breaths came from her lips. The older children began to scream hysterically and, the younger ones, still unaware of The Doe’s murder began to cry out.
The two warriors coming to help quickly made their way through the foliage. They passed by the little ones crying and looking around the corn in confusion. Arrows notched in their bows they, moved forward quickly, trying to see the cause of commotion. New Moon could be heard whaling, the children were screaming. Through out the settlements fields women and children were running for the towns gates, not knowing the extent of circumstances. As the two men made their way closer to the rivers edge they saw New Moon holding The Doe’s corpse while facing the heavens. Death hung over the living as thunder rolled across the mountains.

That's as far as it goes here. I won't be Bear Hunting this weekend...The Army Reserves call. Wich reminds me, I need a new Predator Call. The reed came out of mine. The Jolly Red Head Giant loved to take it from my truck and give it a squeel at Drill. People would be looking all around the parking lot wondering what that was.

Applachian Intellectual

* It's not so bad, my last Job was on Maggies Farm
**That's how the Cherokee would have said it so hush up.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Raving Twister

The text below was posted while I was away at Ft. McClellan during the August-September time frame. I didn't know of it until a phone conversation a couple of weeks ago. As I post I tend to not look below, what's been said is said, so to say. I've intended to post it in this fashion. So, here are the words of my Ranger Buddy and one aggressive Bear Hunter, Twister.

Disclaimer, this is the words and opinion of my close freind that at times closley resemble my own. Though, not entirely.

Let me tell you something about "carpetbaggers". They are running/ruining the country these parasites are! Some of them appear to be politicians and others appear to be CEOS/big businessmen and still others are in miscellaneous places of power. Wolves in sheeps' clothing. This has been going on since 1865. Now that I have addressed that let us move on to the appearance of the willful footdragging of FEMA during hurricane Katrina. They got a bad name for being a bunch of welchers in Franklin not paying off all the disaster bills they were supposed to*. Half-assed half-measures! The state had to take up their slack, in other words, out of NC taxpayers pockets! Folks up Peak's creek** banded together and hired a lawyer to sue the insurance companies tryin' to weasel out of paying their obligations to those who had their homes destroyed by a land-slide-not a %*&@#!#%^flood like they tried to lie and say! Why the hell should anybody need any kind of carpetbaggin' insurance company for anything when we pay the most taxes of anybody on earth and should have all the bases covered from natural/man-made disasters to health disasters? I tell you why-'cause it looks like we got us a "carpet-baggin'" federal government just full of half-assed excuses takin' folks for fools, the cons. The maximum effective range of an excuse when you are in a position of maximum power using the most cash revenues on earth at your disposal is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO!!! Looks like the whole nation's gonna have to pass the hat around, combine their money and sue Uncle Scam for:(A)Gross negligence (B)Willful sabotage of the real American way (C)Damages done to Americans through harmful policies (D)Lying (there is another word for it but I prefer the direct approach) (E)Interest accrued...did I leave out anything-I know I did. The aboriginal American nations (Indians) are doing this with their "Coyote Warriors"-why can't the rest of us? Another question: Texas sez it's running out of room for the New Orleans refugees-is that because there are so many illegal aliens as well as all that cheap migrant labor they let in? OUT-F___ING-RAGEOUS!!! A sure recipe for eventual civil dissent of the upteenth level. By the way Germany was the first nation that I heard of that stepped up to the plate to help us within the first 12 hours of the disaster-where were the others? Deustchland uber alles! P.S. On my last writing I mentioned "refugees from Sodom and Gommorah"-I meant "escapees from Sodom and Gommorah".

Rangers lead the way and politicians need to pay!

* Western North Carolina was hit hard with Hurricane Frances and Ivan after a summer of hevy rains. Every river valley, French Broad, Tuckaseegee, Little Tennesee, as well as the Catawba to the east and Broad and Savana drainage to the south. Strangley enough the funds from the Federal Government went to Counties down east wich were not effected by the storms.

** A section of Macon County NC where several houses came off of a Mountain side. Everyone escaped to my memory but a woman did have a miscarraige during the affair.

With that said...You'l be good.
Appalachian Intellectual