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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

Location: Brevard, North Caroilina

I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Guest Editorial

I have a habit of not looking back at comments after they have gone down the list. I suppose that I should fix this thing where comments are notified to me by e-mail. I managed to miss this. The following was posted in comments for the post, "My Exciting Night in Buttholeville". This is from my Ranger Buddy Twister. I also mised a commnet by J. Jonah Jinxy Jr. Sorry I missed that boy's.
I'm posting it as a "Guest Editorial". It's pretty cool, I can make a big post and do other things in the meantime.

Anonymous said...
Hey! Here I am at last! Thought I'd come by, wade in, and "smash things up a bit" with a piece of my mind. "Buttholeville" is very amusing just as the "Butthole Surfers" are as a band. I live in a similar town not far away. Some call it "Cranklin" but I call it "Franklinstein" or "Franklinstein's Monster" for obvious reasons-my hometown is ruined!! You may ask, "Gee...what happened?". The answer is most complex but at the same time simple as one word. Can you guess that word? "Hhhmmm...gee...that's a toughy...could it be...Satan?!"'re damn close, especially if you consider money as being the root of evil. You would also be stepping on some deserving toes (preferably with teel-toed Doc Martins)if you mentioned the "Sodom and Gommorrah refugees" that are infesting my country-side like the wretched plague they are (My county's "Buttholeville" is known as "Highlands"). Oh...and did I mention the invasion of "The Army of Juan" (not to be confused with the "Army of One" which will soon be the "Army of None" if we don't get some REAL patriotism in our political leadership pretty soon)? Yeah...and it's got collaborators situated from here in the countryside all the way up to the Fright mean White House...just itchin' to get their greedy hands on that cutthroating cheap-assed unamerican labor so they can hold on to their ill-gotten fortunes just one more day in their miserable existences. Sabotage! That's what it the REAL way of American life! Who sez slavery is gone here in the USA? All of us either consume slave labor products (Great Wall of ChinaMart), own stock in it, or are one (creditcard debtor, single white male who pays child support, patient without health insurance, etc.). Did I step on some more toes...sorry...I SHOULDA PUT MY WHOLE WEIGHT INTO IT! Do people pay taxes with the notion of, someday, proverbially having their throats cut by what was "rendered unto caesar"? I think not! And another thing...what's so damn patriotic about the "Patriot Act"...or BUSH, for that matter?! Anybody that s'posed to be lookin out for America and let that damned "sucking sound" (remember what Ross said?) happen in a sort of "osmosis" to the south should be looked upon with a critical and suspicious eye. And just so you won't think I am prejudice towards any political parties or races, I am not-I hate everybody the same. I think both the elephant and the jackass are two animals that belong in a zoo. They have shit on the sidewalk (American debt) and left it for someone else to clean up (taxpayers). If our politicians weren't "faking" like they are now, we would see a real show on CSPAN with mikestand and fists flying, bloody noses, black eyes, etc. (remember how serious the japs and Indians are about their politics) and even a few firefights to a full-blown war between the Demublicans and Repocrats...did I say that...they are both so alike in the congame of American politics I can't even spell 'em apart anymore. Some may ask me, "Why are you so damn critical?" with which I reply, "Why are you not?". The Appalachian Intellectual and I both know that to earn genuine respect you must lead by example for others to follow and this applies to anyone in a leadership position from foreman to president-no exceptions-the greatest example being "The Ranger in The Sky" who showed the whole world that it was not impossible to live up to our creator's expectations even allowing himself to be tortured as a mortal, underlining the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero! I consider myself "spiritually retarded" 'cuz if I was really doing what I was s'posed to be, I would be one of the penniless "Gospel Wildmen" one might've read about in the Bible and not a "churchsuit in a pulpit". I should be out there on the street corner refusing to shutup about religious greivances that I see. How does all this tie in with "Buttholeville and Franklinstein's Monster"? Unless you've experienced a lifetime here, you probably won't understand. That's where I come spell it out in layman's terms. I am to provoke you, mentally (otherwise known as "thought provoking" to those who still don't get it). I don't believe in comprimise and candy-coating. I believe that talk is cheap and of truth in the raw. I believe that if the pen is mightier than the sword then I am out to slay the dragon by literally "breaking it off" in the beast. Enough Hillbilly ravings for today. I must now find the fartsack in order to rave yet another day. I enjoyed creating this disasterpiece and hope the readers enjoyed it too, but, if they didn't, I don't care!

With aggression, Mr. Twister

PS. Hey Appal. Intel.! Call or E-mail me to let me know if I made things interesting or not..ok? And this stupid blogger site is still ate up because this makes the 2nd time I have been denied a blogger i.d. How the hell can jdgffdh OR kjerow or wmghdeiuyf be unavailable?!

Now all of you Flat Landers sit right there and stay tuned for more Appalachian Patria!

Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Few Things

That Red Dodge
Yesterday morning I was passed by a red Dodge Pick Up while on my way to work. It's not the first time I've been passed by them. The thing signifigant about it is the sticker in the back window...It's Familiar, a Ranger Battalion Scroll and "U.S. Army Ranger" beside that. They used to have a Black Beret on the stickers, but, it has been cut out. I no longer have anything on my truck affiliating me with the Rangers, so, he doesn't know he's passing by one of his own. One of 1st Bn's old Seargent Major's is from here and maybe it's him. I need to flag the fellar down. The Former Seargent Major is around, his brother has done some body work on my truck years back(he does great work). Maybe it's him...Now they pass me, I don't pass them.

Don't Kid Yourself
Last night I was talking to one of my Buddies. His answer to "Terrorism" is to send 18 cruise missles into Mecca(apparently during the Haj). He then gives me a smug little laugh. Yeah, sounds real macho...He goes on seriously, "what if that happened?", with a terse sound in his voice. Do that and they would cower in fear and leave us alone. It's not that simple people. Osama and the boy's are serious, they ain't letting up. Imagine if this plot had succeeded. OK...assuming that you have read it, it would get rid of some problem children, maybe a Congressman or two who knows. South Florida's population would be cut as well. It does say something about the Drug Cartel's not wanting to prevoke a conventional U.S. response. "Terrorism" will never again be a nuicance as Senator Kerry had lamented about during his Presedential Campaign. Al Qauda is sophistiacated, serious, and hard to hit. Be prepared to hang in there. It will not be over over night.
Al Qauda and it's allied groups are bringing the war to the Western Heart Lands. They seek creative way's to do it. Of course the old fail safe is the Suicide Bomber. We have our Force Projection and Fire Power. They have a Grand Strategy(or so it seems to me), we don't.
I'm not talking about Iraq. I'm talking about what we have termed the Global War On Terrorism. Iraq is just a theater.
Heck, often people ask me as an Army Reservist if I'm going to Iraq they often ask next if I have to go. I sometimes get a "I hope you don't". We are committed now. Please don't ask us those questions. How would you feel? "Good Luck" or "your in my Prayers" is fine.

Agh, enough griping.
Appalacian Intellectual

Monday, July 25, 2005

Travlin' Ed is Travlin'

My fellow Blogger, Travlin' Ed and his Mrs. is currently enroute back to the US of A from his last Duty Station in Japan(Congrats on Retirement!). He's soon due back on the Streets of Florida to make them safe for Freindliness. Give him and The Mrs. a shout out.

Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Appalachian Air Condition

It's been about as hot as it's been this week. Yesterday was about the hottest. Alot of us around here don't have air conditions, including myself. Honestly there is only a few uncomfortable day's a year and a shaded house with a couple of fans does a good job. That amazes people that doesn't live in the Mountains. Your'e probably sitting there amazed, unless your from the Pacific Northwest.

What That Paragraph Was Leading Up To
Wednesday I failed to open my Bedroom Window after I got home. Ususaly this year the fan blowing air in from the adjoinging Bath Room Window does OK. And, it's been raining so much that I've not had the habit. I had been ready to go to bed early, but, it was not working out. At 10:40 I lay in my bed thirsty. I'm the kind of fellar that if I get up in the night I don't turn any lights on if I can help it. I get a glass of water staring out one of the two windows that I have open, the Kitchen and the Den, they are least likley to get rain into them. As I turn and go back out through my Living Room I see out it's Window an Ol' Bear walking across the Yard. Bosco, the Anti Bear K-9, is in the house with me and doesn't "wind" the Bear. It's not moving too fast, but, It's heading dead straight to my neighbors Honey Bee's. I told Bosco there was a Bear in the yard(she looked excited), threw my britches on(yes, I said britches) and grabbed my .308 Winchester Model 70. As I was getting the rifle I bumped something on the safe and it fell. The Bear must have stopped to look because when I opened the door to run it off it hadn't travled as far as it should have. It took off running behind my truck and away from the house to the woods. I yelled at it and went out to watch it run up the bank and into the dark. After it was up on the bank it turned around and stared at me...they alway's do! Bosco the Brave meanwhile began to chase after the Bear(she was reluctant at first, she's afraid of my Gun's) This is where it is scary, their both as black as the night and the night is black. I try to call Bosco back. The Safety comes off and I start to shoulder the rifle as I yell out at the Bear again. Bosco is up on the bank and the Bear turns and runs off in the woods(who ran it off, me or her?). I hear a screen door slam shut and my neighbor is standing on his porch. We're within hollering distance and he's vowing to shoot "That Damn Bear" if he catches it in his Bee's. He keeps an electric fence around them any more. He goes to check it, darn if Lightening didn't take out again. It's only been three day's. I could hear(I almost typed "hear'd", a Hilly Billy word) the Bear breaking through the woods and was worried about Bosco. I kept a calling her, where was she? I went into the house and she was inside waiting for me to put the rifle away. I then remebered the most vulnerable window for a Bear to get into, the Den, was open and it could have smelled my trash and decided to come in. I promply closed it. It was a peacful night after that.

Conflict Reselution
Now my neighbor has taken "Passive" means to protect his Bee's by installing an electric fence, but, it's not fail safe. I happened to be up and see the Bear trapsing across the yard when Ol' Fickle Hound couldn't smell it and alarm me(Wich she will!). I didn't plan on shooting the Bear unless I had to. They're realy quite beautiful in my eye' was a beautiful Bear. He/she only wanted a meal. Now, if it had been season...abiding by Game Law's of course I would be showing you pictures of a Bear. I've used that rifle to run off(you don't scare off a Bear) Bear's in what could have been a messy situation before. The .308 Winchester is a highly effetcive round. I know of it killing Deer, Bear, Elk, Comunist, People fighting for Comunist,Gunmen for War Lords and People who kill in the name of their faith. It would have done the job if it had been needed. Yet, there are people who do not want me to have that rifle or any of my other fire arms and they are not from thre Middle East, they mostly live in California, New York and Massechusettes.

There is more that I would like to write about, but, that's about long enough.

Appalachian Intellectual, another cool dude that ain't afraid.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Sure Enough

I'm set to go camping tonight and sure enough there is a black cloud a hanging over the Balsam's.
Appalachian Intellectual, just another cool dude.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jello Dog Busts Out Some Rymes

I have alot going on right now. I'm taking a minute from packing and planning my weekend camping trip. At the moment I'm the only one going, maybe an old Ranger Buddy that lives over the Mountain. A few years back I didn't mind going by myself so much. That is if I was hunting, now it's a bit dull. I'm not entirely sure where I'm heading to either. I have to be able to give directions. Does that soud like a plan?

Hot, but Good
Yesterday I spent working for Uncle Sam. I basicaly had to go see a Range demonstration and then shoot the Range. Though it was hotter than sin(Heat Category 5, the highest there is) I had fun. And, when I'm with my fellow Reserevist's I feel like I'm in good company. One girl drove out to the Range and got stuck in the mud. We pushed her out and me and my buddy were splattered in mud. Where else can you go get splattered in mud and then shoot a Range other than the Army? OK, maybe the Marine Corps.

My trip to Ft. McClellan is "Involuntary", doesn't matter, I'm looking forward to going. Militarily things are starting to take shape. It's the begining of an exciting time.

Jello Dog
I went for a hike with Jello Boy and Jellouise Sunday( I left the Ruck at home). They take their dogs everywhere. Jello Boy has had Jello Dog for years, I've alway's liked her. But, it was hot and she was panting in my ear while in the car. I thought at any minute I would hear someone scratching on a Record and the Fat Boy's busting out some rymes.

Son Volt
I finaly bought a new CD. I havn't gotten one since December. It's Son Volt's "Okemah and the Melody of Riot". I'm a long time Son Volt fan. I remeber listening to Trace(one CD) when I was Deer Hunting in South Alabama where my Dad was doing contract work. Didn't get any Deer. It was a bad year, way too many Acorns. Jay Farrar, the band leader is apparently not a bad guy. He does do one song semi political(after all he is a big fan of Woody Guthrie. (Woody,if your gohst is reading, This Macine Kills Fascist too). It wasn't distasteful as much "artist" poitical rants are. I probaly agree with Jay on quite a few things.

Alright, getting back to getting something done.
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Looking up at the sky out at our training site.The Connifers were realy tall there and shaded the place well. Makes you want to humm The Golden Age. Posted by Picasa

Theres the Emarald City. That's about the most I seen of the sound while I was there. Posted by Picasa

Space Needle. No, I didn't eat in it's ever so expensive restaruant. There was a pair of tenie shoes hanging over the wire there. It was too expensive if you ask me. $11 for us Military Fols and $13 for everyone else. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

My Exciting Night in Buttholeville

Nothing Planned
If your'e a Drive By Truckers fan you will know why I call my beloved home town Buttholeville. Yep, exciting night people. Jello Boy called me and wanted me to go eat with him, Mutual Female Aqauntence(I here by rename her Jellouise) and her Dadd. I went, I had nothing planned. That's when I started running into all kinds of folks. My old Company Commander walked in. He was my first CO in the Reserves after I came off Active Duty. Then another boy that had been in that same Company came in(he is now out). The three of us talked for a while. I havn't seen either in years. One lives in South Carolina now. Then a Cousin(other than Jello Boy) came in. He's my Dadd's first and my second. Running into kin in a place like this is common, but we alway's take time to talk. I asked him about a upcoming Family Reunion. Usualy I have Drill that weekend.

Blissful Complancancy
After listening to Jello and Jellouise update me on the dogs having gas(insert eye rolling icon here) and telling them they need a life(they didn't get it). I went on uptown and had a couple of cups of Decaf. I just sat there all by my lonsome with Zoloft playing in my head. This had me thinking. If you try to drink your troubles away with liquor or beer they will be waiting for you when you sober up. That's bad. But, go see a Psychologist and they will just give you a pill to take. "Here's a placebo and cheer the hell up". And that's supposed to be good?
Well, the train of thought ran on. Before I went out to Ft. Lewis I had some scrapes between me and Jellouise. I was almost concerned that Jello Boy was committing Blue Colar Suicide . I no longer feel that way. I now feel that those two love birds have drifted into Blissful Complacancy(I trade mark that one boy's).
A funny thing happened on my way to a strange way of thinking.

A Hint of Eroding Appalachia
After my Intellectual Rampage and the two cups of Decaf(I now wonder if they were). I strolled around down town. It's not for local folks anymore, it's all Touristy. I was looking in the window of a store(a realy cool "Civil War" Toy Soldeir set up) when a guy came walking by me. It was an old freind of my Dadd's that I havn't seen in a while. We talked about his new Deer Rifle and how he now is building a house where he can look up and see an old Deer Stand of his. He was heading up to the Coffee Shop to hear a boy pick guitar. I wonder if he drank Decaf?

Drunk Santa
I wound up in a usualy depressing place, a Bar and Grille. People sit in there, smoke frown and drink. At least they did last winter. Today was the most sunshine we have had in weeks, so everyone was grinning. Low and behold when I walk in there is a freind of Jellouise's. I throw my hand up...I don't want to come on too strong you know. I ordered a a Pepsi, but, that's fine. Doesn't matter. That's why I'm awake. The girl didn't want to charge me for it. OK...back to Buttholeville. There is all of these pretty young people that think they're cool standing around the bar. I find a empty place. I'm standing next to Santa Clause who has grown a Mullet. Realy not only does he look like Santa Clause he dressed up as Jolly Ol' Nick for Halloween. He was drunk Santa. He kept falling asleep on his stool that night. He's a pretty nice fellar if you talk to him, but, he's a Diabetic and it doesn't take much to get him sloshed. Any time that I have been there he has too and from what I'm told he is there when I'm not, wich is alot. He's a customer, but, the owners probably give him a Christmas Bonus. Santa's speech is slurred..he sounded as if he was a drunk in a B Movie. A sweet, happy go lucky British Girl was trying to pay her bill. He gave his seat up to her...she patted him. I told her not to push him too hard, he may fall over. She patted me.

This is good
Jellouise's Freind called me over as I was walking out. That was part of the plan. I don't want to come on too strong you know. She was eating with a freind, Freind of Jellouise's Freind.(This is where I forced myself to go to bed last night and take back over) She asked me if I had seen Jello and Jellouise, and no, no one calls them that but me and you, so conversation goes on. The other day after I had gotten my Orders for the 26 day's(Previous post you Drive By Bloggers, Travlin' Ed term) I went by House of Jello and said I would like to go camping while I had the chance. Jellouise said she would need time to change her work schedule. In other words, one doesn't do one thing with out the other, but that's fine with me. Jellouise obviously mentioned it to Freind Of Jellouise, because Freind Of Jellouise mentioned it to me. This is a good thing, folks. She knew that I wanted to do it before I had to go somewhere. Freind Of Jellouise's Freind cherps in, "are you the one that has to go on a special mission?" She apologised for making it sound like I was going on "Mission Impossable". I was getting ready to have to down play the whole thing. Considering Freind Of Jellouise's Freind obviuosly did not know Jellouise too much, this IS a good thing folks. Conversation goes on. Freind Of Jellouise's asked if I was going to go home. I said yes, being ol' honest me. I should have said "I don't know", becuase realy I didn't. I had no where else I wanted to go. I didn't piticularly want to go there. As you can see, I'm glad I did though. When conversation lulled I made my exit. I don't want to come on too strong you know.

I didn't go home
Earlier I had been able to see the Moon. That was the second time this month. Well, it was nowhere to be seen then. Remember that, you'll need it in a second. I get back to my truck and my lights are on. God Bless a strong battery, she cranked right up. I didn't go home. I went down to the news stand and gazed through Gun List, and Shotgun News as well as various other publications. I glance up and out the window it is a pouring the rain. My Truck windows are down. I ran out to close them. That was my excuse to make myself go home, I had no where else I wanted to go. Leaving town it stopped raining for about half a mile. Then it let loose and then it let loose harder. One of my wiper blades was a coming off and folks were slowing down for the rain. I pulled over at a closed gas station and fixed my wiper. Someone pulled in behind me and parked where I could not see them. I was a wondering if I was going to have to reach for my pistol. They sat back there behind me blinded by the pump. It's not like I was realy nervous, but, I felt the need for caution. Fumbleing around in the dark I fixed the blade and away I went. It was two women who had pulled over for the rain. When I got home I could see stars.

I missed it!
I had caught on the news that Drivn' N Cryin' were playing in Asheville, I'm not sure where. I wouldn't want to go by my lonsome no way. Anymore I plan my trips out of the County with the price of gas. I just looked...darn it, the show was free! That's OK 14 more day's to The Drive By Truckers.

Be good
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

26 Day's

Staying on the Internet has been a problem latley with all of the storms. The whole County got a Gully Washing yesterday. Rosman, at the forks of the River got over 4 inches of rain. This may or may not get posted right away.

Monday I was given the message at work to call my Unit in the next morning. When I got home the message was on my recorder as well. I checked my Military E-Mail(Army Knowledge Online, AKO) and I had Orders for 26 day's at Ft. McClellan Alabama starting late in August. This was a little bit of a shock. I knew it wasn't that I was coming down on Cross Level again due to the nature of the message, that would be "RIGHT AWAY". But, the Orders where different than expected.

Last month while at Ft. Lewis I was training Reserve Officer Training Corps(ROTC) Cadets on Comabt Techniques. I'll not be too specific because I could make comments that would sting. While there a few things came down the pipe(Army speak for information dissimenation). The first was they needed trainers at Ft. McClellan to do basicaly the same thing. They didn't say who was being trained. The second thing was a select few were called out and informed that we had been selected for a School at Ft. McClellan in September. They needed us to attend Combat Life Saver and Drivers Training in preperation for our "possible" mission to Iraq. Obviously I was one of the select few.

Earlier I had placed myself as a "Maybe" for the Trainer Mission. "I'll have to see what my Employer has on the plate", I told them. Then two day's later the latter mission came down. All of this popped up quick, except I expected the Schools at some point or another. Then I received Orders and had the call. It took me several try's the next morning to get in contact with my Point Of Contact(POC). Then, when I did reach him I could tell by his voice he was multi tasking. He asked if I could go to a class on the 19th of this month on "Combatives". Just one day...that's it. Well, it's a slow time at my Civillian Job( almost the nature of my work, in a couple of weeks, we'll be pulling hairs). Going down for a day is no problem. Especialy if I am on Travel Orders, other wise, I'll break even as far as money goes. (For you Drive By Bloggers, my unit is a three hour drive away at a major Military Post) "What's this for?", I ask. "It has to do with Ft. McClellan". I then told him about my orders for 26 day's, was that the duration of the school? "No, I was told you could do the whole 26 day's". I then thought to myself, I can? I had just explained to my Plant Manager that I did not know if the 26 day's on my orders were a mistake or not and if so was mandatory, though I thought it would be.

Enter Delima: Well, it's slow here...The money will be good...and apparently we are needed, the Army is hard up you know... An Employer is only required to let you be gone for 14 day's, other than weekend drills. I have been gone 33 day's already. Now the Army needs me 26 more day's. My Civillian Employer is pretty cool about it, though I'm concerned that certain individuals see's it as temporary. I just don't want to put them in a bind, yet, I can't get a straight prediction about that time frame (14 day's would not be a big deal) I would stand to gain from 26 day's of Active Duty. Financialy, getting "more used" to being on Active Duty again and Retirment Points. One point for every day of duty, the more points, the bigger the retirment (I can almost garuntee 549 more points comng).

Who am we to train? Are we going to train fellow Reservist or are we going to see a bunch of dark haired, dark eyed people staring at us curiously? All of this is coming don pretty quick. This was nothing planned long term. I didn't press the guy on the phone as to the details. I would find out soon enough. So here I am...The life of an Army Reservist.

I have meant to post a thing or two latley. One was a post by Travlin Ed that I was impressed with. Earlier I read a Power Point Presentation worth looking at(Viable to Military and Civillian). Why are these important? Because they represent Common Sense and learning. I have warned you and will warn you again, 4th Generation Warfare WILL rock your world. What happened in London will become more common place. As a note to that, I have a Cousin living in Luton, England. 80% of the town is Muslim. I would not use the word "Multiculturaism" for the Brits in this article, I would use Cultural Marxism.*

* On page 15 of the Power Point is a picture of Bill Lind, a man I find myself agreeing with more than Neil Boortz.

OK Folks...enough for now.
Appalchian Intellectual

Pay Attention: there is a critter there. A Malmot if I'm right. He's a kin to a Ground Hog. In the Spirit of National Park animals he pay's people no mind. Posted by Picasa

This is down in the Nisqualy River bed. That is a hand troly used for crossing the river. You can tell it realy rages. Posted by Picasa

See that Black Tail Deer? C'mon...where is your hunter instinct? Notice it's not green? Ol' Mother Nature hides them well. This is similair to our high altitudes here(Southern Appalachia) within a few hundred yards it was more like tundra. I realy liked Mt. Raineir. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Snow in June. This is to the right of the picture below, looking south on Mt. Raineir.Note the Volcanic rock and the dingy snow. Apparently it was Volcanic sand. Posted by Picasa

Cairns. This is as high as we went. Around 7200 feet where people apparently make a monument to their trip. Cairns are historicaly a monument to the dead. Both of my Ancestoral groups, the Scots and the Cherokee made use of them. The Cherokee would mark a site of a killing(by enemies) with Cairns. Each passer by had to place a stone on the heap. If you ever find one around a gap, leaave it alone. Most are gone though. Posted by Picasa

Shrouded Mt. Raineir. This is the veiw from the highest point that we walked.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Above Paradise inn on Mt. Raineir. This is around the 6000ft. Level. The terrain here us much like Tundra. It is not visable in the picture but beyond the mountians to the front is Mt. St. Helens. The trails here are paved as you can see and it's June and there is snow. Snow fall at this point is said to be over 600 inches a year. Aint that neat? Posted by Picasa

Cloudy Mt. Raineir looms in the back ground. This is a creek heading into the Nisqualy River wich is to the botom out of veiw. Posted by Picasa

The Nisqualy River. This is a veiw from the road heading to Paradise Inn on Mt. Raineir, wich is mostly in the clouds. I have several pictures but transfering them has been a problem. I'm going to get these posted before I forget Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Here comes Cindy!

The last few weeks have been rainy. Now, here comes Tropical Depression Cindy to wash away our sins...and drive way's. Quick! over the next 24 hours check this link here. And, this link here too. Have fun!

Weather Giddy, Out
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Fortune Cooky

I got a Fortune Cooky today. What did the little slip inside say? "You are given the chance to take part in an exciting adventure". I bet it has something to do with a four letttered word...that starts with "I".

Yesterday was the day we celebrated the Independance that is being eroded out from underneath us. Or as Neil Boortz said, that Americans fear. People are in a scramble about "Justice"(cruel joke) Sandra Day Oconner retiring. Saying she was a swing vote. More like wishy washy if you ask me.

Last night I opted out of fire works. I live 20 minutes out of town, why hang around for them? Well that cute couple Nick and Jessica where on TV entertaining the troops. I had no idea* who they realy are until someone explained it to me at work today. Jessica is a pretty gal, and if guy's are your thing Nick may not be so bad either. But, as far as guy's go looks don't matter if they veiw you as a real man. People just don't like wimps. Whatever, this young couple is being crammed down our throats. Super Stars go entertain our troops. Wow! Celebrity Culture in a War Zone. Though this may be well intended it undermines us. In a War where people are nickle and diming little things it costs a fortune to do that(not to mention a Mortar Magnet)**. And where it counts, the minds of the Iraqi people, it is probably not ***all to impressive. I think they would be more impressed with Grits and Corn Bread.

Now if there are two places that are out of touch with reality, it is Washington DC and Hollywood.

Appalchain Intellectual

*I just know they have had a Marriage go bad from the Super Market Tabloids.
**Col David Hackworth alway's refused to go to a USO show for that reason. I don't see as much of a problem with Germany as I do Iraq.
***OK that's Afghanistan, but it's about 4GW.