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I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Couple of things

Black Berry Winter...Dogwood Winter
I went to one knowledgable of more of the old time "Plain Living Affairs", my former Father Inlaw. OK, I only lived with his Daughter, but, he was practicaly. In his family planting by the signs is still practiced. He told me that, here at least, Black Berry Winter was different from Dogwood Winter. Reason is, as I mentioned, the Dogwoods Bloom a few weeks before the Black Berry's. That a cold snap at that time is Dogwood Winter and Black Berry is the last. I think Dogwood Winter is usualy associated with Easter, but, that differs in date. There usualy is one around Easter. Come to think of it, I should have asked my Grand Mother. I beleive it vary's from region to region. Dogwoods in SC and GA bloom earlier than they do here and it lags furthewr you go up I'm sure. Thanks to Appalachian Gun Trash for the comment regarding the two.

Uncle Sam
The last few day's out on the Highway I've seen a Red, White, and Blue sign reading "Uncle Sam wants you for Vacation Bible School. I'm in the Lords Army". Beside the sign was a blow up Uncle Sam. Sam's gone today. Some Red Neck is having fun with that one. He probablay has Mardi Gras Beads around his neck, listens to blasting AC/DC and patiently bares it as Coor's Light is spilled on him. Well, in these time's he needs to see how common people live...

Castle Argghh Book Reveiw
I received a mail from the Mil Blogs Ring asking for input on a book reveiw. Hey! I'm a Rocka Billy Hill Billy Nerd...Book Book..did some say book? So I went on over, read it and said my peice. You can too. So, if you beleive or don't beleive that the US is now committing Militarilism or your a War Geek, a Service Memeber or what not go here and give a read. It's somewhat lengthy. Be warned.

I'm gettin off of here. I've been here too long. I have things I need done before I crawl into the bed.
Willy, Appalachian Intellectual Extrodinaire

Yeah, I came back and spelled the title right. Sometimes I just don't punch the letters in the right order.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

That's Ivy blooming. It is pretty. Honey Bee's like to work the blooms but, It's said that it makes for bitter honey. It hasn't bloomed this pretty in a few years. Posted by Hello

There you go, that's Ivy. Grows like wildfire. Wildlife feed off of it. Deer and Grouse I know. It gives deer a bitter taste. The Grouse I found it in was delicous though. Like I say, it grows thick and will choke out any other undergrowth. It get's dead up under it leaving brittle limbs. It and Laurel Both are evergreens. Posted by Hello

That is Laurel, AKA Rhodadendrin. A different species of it grows above say 4000ft, wich is smaller, not usualy over waste high. Laurel poisinous, so you don't want it in a goat pasture. It blooms later in June in big pink blossoms, but, not every year. I beleive it will this one on account of the Ivy blooming so. I don't think it's on a cycle, never knew it to be, I think it has to do with rain fall. We are a little behind so far. Posted by Hello

What you see is a Laurel Thicket. Laurel's are alway's a favorite place for Young'ins to play. I know I sure did. The thing is it can get o thick it doesn't let anything grow. It likes north slopes and hollers, but, can be seen growing about anywhere, somtimes a bush of it all by itself. Cherokees wouldn't (and some still won't) burn the wood beleiving that it brings on cold weather. Same goes for Ivy. Posted by Hello

This is Black Berry's Blooming. About the time they bloom we have "Black Bery Winter", a little cold snap. It hasn't been very warm so far this year. Friday night me and my date went up to a place at about 4800 Ft. It was rather cold. It has mostly been low's in the 50's to mid 40's the last week.. Posted by Hello

Now, this appears to be nothing special, I know. Actualy it was an archaelogical dig a few years back. The Forest Service was building Barrecks for the Job Corps and a Site Survey was conducted. They discovered that a house sat there as a part of an extended hunting camp(Cherokee) during the Woodland Period(Probably 800-1100AD). Some tools were found, I personaly tried to visit it when someone was there that could tell me something, but, never was able to. Much of our Archaelogical Information is unpublished. Posted by Hello

This is a shot of nothing but thick under growth. Mostly what you see is Ivy, AKA Mountian Laurel. Posted by Hello

I doubt you can see it, but, a Deer Trail goes up the bank in this shot. The woods are real thick with under growth behind it. It's my understanding that the road I took it from was built to primarily be a Fire Break. It's never used. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Poli Sci Fi

I'm not a major fan of science fiction, but, I have read some and liked it. Orson Scott card for example is an excellent writer(and understands Military life). His Novel Enders Game(I can't wait on the movie) is a good lesson for Manuevere Warfare and problem solving. Starship Troopers is as well(unfortunatly I haven't read it or seen the movie, though I did thumb it at Clothing Sales this last drill).

Sometimes there are lessons to be learned from such things. This Article is food for thought, but, I don't think Lucas realised it when he made his movie. I voted for President Bush, I don't like, trust or respect Democrats and it was a tight race. Besides, he is more willing to make a decision. I would much rather serve under him than the other. It's hard to argue with such anologies, and, espeacily this one.

It reminds me of some of the things I've read on different blogs latley,the little time I've had. I beleive, sometimes we have a problem seeing things for what they realy are.

Later folks...I'm about to run late.
Willy the Appalchian Intellectual

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Quickie Post

I was wired when I got home from work this morning. I had had a real busy night. I ended up sleeping later(I sleep twice a day when I pull Grave Yards) on a day when I have things I want to accomplish. Girl Of Latley wants to come over tommorow and the place is a little too lived in. But, it's not like I'm wife shopping either, we're just company to one another.

I also have a project I'm working on. Nothing elaborate, just a yard sale I'm getting in on with family. This is my last weekend at home for the next month. Memorial Day will be just another day, so, it's not a long one. The next weekend I have Drill again(funny schedule, right?) and then that Tuesday I fly out to Washington State.

The Drive By Truckers are playing right up the road. However, I'm going to miss them. I'm not paying $90 to see them and a few others. Now, if you could pay just for one, maybe I would go. They are a great show. "Know the Lord is coming, the South will rise again".

Local Boy's, Jupiter Coyote are supposed to be playing a freebie up town Sunday, but, I go in at mid night. I'm not a huge fan, but, they are good and being get it.

I beleive I'm going to call myself Willy here. That's my old nick name from my Ranger Bn. day's. As to how I came about this conclusion is another story that I won't tell.

Much I would like to say, much I have to do.

Willy, the Appalchian Intellectual
(No, I'm not fickle)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

That's a veiw of Cathey's Creek. That on the far side of the creek we call Luarel, but. it's properly called Rhodadendrin. It's Rhodadendrin on Steroids.Agin this is one taken on the same day in April that didn't get posted. Posted by Hello

This is a pic I took back in April and failed to post. That's a Forest Service Road. The low growing green stuff just inside the woods we call Ivy. But, it's correctly called Mountian Luarel. More on that stuff later. It's a Golden Age type of picture and desreves posting. Posted by Hello

I came across this fellar the other weekend when I was Rucking. I admired his pose, wich contrary to most Turtles he kept as I walked by. Posted by Hello

That's Wild Rose just beyond my boot tips. The stuff growing on the road bank. It will absolutley take over a feild. Triple strength Round Up will kill it for a year. This pic was taken in an old clear cut done 15 or so years back. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Drill

Well, I demonstrated the demonstration that I'm going to demonstrate next month at Ft. Lewis Washington. It's no big deal(they make it one though) just a choreographed demonstration. I'm going there to work a range for Reserve Officer Training Corps(ROTC) Advanced Camp. I realy don't like working around ROTC Cadets, but, I look forward to Ft. Lewis, I have never been there. It's the home of my Alma Motto's sister Battalion, the 2nd Ranger Bn. Upon that, there are alot of folks from these hills out there(I have people out there that I have never met) it's said that it will remind you of here(West NC).

I saw the blouse(shirt) for the Army's replacmnet to BDU's this weekend at US Patriot. I don't mind the Camoflouge, I figure once you get it dirty it would blend alright. Not that it realy matters with a non subdued American Flag on your shoulder. I like the slanted pockets. It's like the old Jungle Fatigues in a way. Wich, in my opinion, were the best uniform the Army ever had. I had 9 pair once upon a time.
One thing that I don't like about the new ones is all of the velcro. That has been the #1 complaint. You have two pockets on both sleeves that are nothing but velcro on the outside. What's supposed to go there is a stick on unit patch. Also the name tags are supposed to be velcroed on as well as the rank going in the center of the chest. (Boy, that's great. Are you staring at her rank or her breast?) That means they can get ripped off easy. We're suppsed to pin on any skill identification badges, I.E Jump Wings or Air Assult wings ETC. Wich, leads me to the question...will that mean pin on Drill Sgt Badges? That would be rather bulky. Lint sticks to velcro like a hound sticks on a trail. Now, that's something to gig some poor Private over.
Buttons are out. It uses an inner zipper and several velcro patches. My thinking is in hot weather you want to breath, so you will leave the zipper open, wich will rub the chest making sores that can get infected in certain situations and you get the picture.
I don't mind the new collars so much. It is better than getting hot brass down your shirt. But, people will tend to leave it open to breathe.
The Georgia National Guard has been issued the new uniform. I wonder what their feed back is? That reminds me I need to check on American Soldier who was issued the new ones I know. Hmm. Looks like the boy has gotten hurt and will have surgerory.(Spelling?)
The first time I did see one of these uniforms was last year when I had just come home from a two week Annual Training(I pulled two back to back, one week apart). A boy from the 2nd Infantry Division deployed to Iraq had just gotten in for his R&R. He was a Stryker Driver, so I thought it was some uniform for Stryker Drivers. I didn't ask about it. I asked about the Stryker, wich he gave favorable comments. Besides, he had just gotten in and had a family(cute kids), I wasn't going to talk his ears off. His was the Desert Camoflouge, not the "Didgy".
I mentioned American Flags on our shoulder. I heard it was for patriotism, but, I think it's to prepare us to be a Sitskreig Army(That's what the Late Col Hackworth called the 2nd half of the Korean War), peace keeping missions and static situations. Why? look, it's not subdued. What does that tell you?
Are you Big Brass? Are you reading this? What do we have to do to get a decent uniform? Join the Marine Corps?

I know that I sound awfully negative. I become agrivated with the Army's Addiction to Beurocracy. When I was on Active Duty there was a flyer passed around titeled "Do You Know Me?". It basicaly said that he was the guy that waited patiently to talk to a leader while they chatted and finished their coffee, worked hard, did his job and never seen any recognition. It finished with a statement of how they spent a fortune of money with posters and such to keep him in the Army when all they had to do was take care of him and he thought it was funny. What I see hurting the Army Resrves now is all of the senseless Beurocracy. I realy don't think it's the Deployments as much as it is all of the getting jerked around that goes with it.

I have some qoutes from Drill that I will finish off with.

"The whole thing is a mess", A deep voice with a SC Low Country Drawl.

"If I go overseas to fight I'll be that much better to come back with the extra trainging I will get", a young Private in AIT on the phone. I suspect from the minute I stood next to him that he was telling his mother he was volunteering for the Ranger Regiment.

"You can alway's tell a Marine...that doesn't mean that they will listen", an Ex Marine(Vietnam Vet)

"I beleive in the NAVY Principle, Never Again Volunteer Yourself", Another Senior NCO.

I've had to write this in three parts through out the day. If I knew the words I would finish with a chorus of ZZ Tops "Velcro Fly".
Appalachian Intellectual

Friday, May 20, 2005


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Iraq Insurgency Sniper Training

This is a Power Point Presentation I found on Defense and National Interest(conviently linked to your lower left). You will need Power Point to veiw it. Much of it is in the "Muj's" own words. Gotta know your enemy!
Mujjhadeen are our enemy, Monkey's are our freinds...
Appalachian Intellectual

NAZI Spam?

Three different Virus Soft wares say's that my machine is clean(Norton,AVG and Trend Micro). My returned e-mails(that I did not send) have stopped. This leads me to beleive that maybe one of the Virus Detection Programs I used deleted it with out notifying me. That doesn't make sense, but, it's possible. I can't find any of the files it was supposed to make on my C Drive.

Once I saw the "Dresden 1945" title on returned mail I figured it was about some heart burn over WWII. It's definatly Nationalistic, but, the Germans are better than that.

Whole Lotta Trouble In This Life...
Appalchain Intellectual

Monday, May 16, 2005

Dresden 1945

Sometimes we mess up. Saturday I messed up, so did Postini, my spam/virus filter. I accidently opened an E-mail that I should have deleted. It was in German wich other than a few Military words is jibberish to me. I promptly deleted it. Too late. The next day I received over 60 return e-mails. Last night at about 2300(11:0PM) I reveived 168 returned e-mails. I just now received 22 returned e-mails. One title that "I" sent was Dresden 1945. Mostly to what looks like European adresses. Norton said I was clean....but, I don't know. Do I just delete Outlook or do I clean off the whole machine? That is the question.

This is my first Virus. I don't open weird if I can help it, Postini usualy does well and I try not to make myself a target. But, no matter how low you lay you can still get hit.

Sometimes I have to do a little shift work. I pulled one of the worst shifts you can pull. A 12 hour Grave Yard Shift. 12-12. I managed about 1 1/2 hours of sleep. I never do this in the winter time when it's easier to get to sleep. The room is darker and it's not hot. I can't complain about the tempature. But, like most folks who live where I do I don't have Air Conditioning. You get a few hot day's, but, a fan at night leaves things comfortable.

When I was a Drill Seargent I remember getting 1 1/2 hours of sleep after being the Charge of Quaters and heading back out to help with Training. You get pumped through the day and your going to sleep like a rock at night. Or running an operation for that matter. It's a little different down at the "Powdered Toast Factory". Getting up in the middle of the night to go to work can be a little hard. Your body is like "Whoa! What are you doing?"

Of course the only reason this is relevant it's slowing me down on fixing my Virus problem. I pull a regular 8 hour Grave Yard Shift(3rd) tonight so, in the morning I will come home and start catching up on sleep. I usualy get off of work and sleep a little, get up for a while and thenm go back to bed for the evening.

I do have another machine(computer) to use if I do strip this thing down. That's an up side.

If you have any advice on my Virus situation, I would much appreciate it.

Going to Bed.
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, May 15, 2005

An odd disposition

Have you ever had one of those unsettled feelings? The one where nothing is satisfying. There's something out there you just can't quite put your finger on. You are tired of the same wore mantra of the present and the new looks the same. The two might as well be one. You want to step out of the wagon rut and to your left and right there's just more ruts made from different wheels. Yeah? I thought you might have had that feeling.

Well, it's not so bad I suppose. Hunger is a healthy thing, you just don't want to starve. Why am I saying all of this stuff? Well, hunger I suppose.

Last night I went down to Town to a place I call the "Happy Burrito". That's not the real name of course, I'm not sure of it's spelling so, I don't pronounce it. I had a Fish Burrito. Pretty darn good. They use Talapia and Fish Burrito sounds so much better than Talapia Burritto. I was curious and my curiosity is now solved. So, one hunger satisfied. If you ever come across one I would suggest it.

This time tommorrow I'll be waiting to get off of a 12 hour Grave Yard Shift so I can get some sleep. This time next week I'll be at Drill demonstrating a demonstration. And this time next month I will be at Ft. Lewis Washington demonstrating the demonstration I demonstrated.

I'm going to get out of this chair for a while.
Appalachian Intellectual

Friday, May 13, 2005

Local Writers

I could write about a dozen things. But, for you great followers of Blue Ridge Meglomania I have said that I would talk about some local writers. So, I'm going to do it.

Wima Dykeman

I have read most of her book "The French Broad River" and I'm currently reading one of her novels, "The Tall Woman"(I have to finish it to start "Not A Good Day To Die"). The latter is my Ex Girl Freind's book, I had given it to her for Christmas and she said it was about the best book she ever read. I have to say I am enjoying the story. She uses language in there that I haven't heard in years. The characters seem so real, true independent mountian people. It's set in the Post "Civil War" time period and gives a glance at how hard things were in that time. "The Tall Woman" is in it's 40th printing, I beleive. Most of her books are early 1960's from what I gather. Mrs. Dykeman is native to Asheville N.C.

I argue one thing with her. In "The French Broad River" she said that "woods burning" was a problem resulting in the killing of humus. I would correct that to over burning. Very few places are burned here any more(not enough in my opinion).

Robert Morgan

Morgan is from much closer to home. From what I read the poor fellar lives up north now. It's no wonder he writes so much of these mountains, he's homesick. I admitt I've only read bits and peices of his work. They are all very good though. I've given a couple to my Grand Mother as gifts and she loves them. He uses actual local places. In one of his books a mans pig is taken from him in a certain place. He is using it to mark out a road. I made the joke to her the people who took it were my Grand Fathers people. We laughed. Though my Grand Father made Corn Liquor before the war, he was known as a good man and his word was his bond.(If you can count back 4 generations in these hills, someone in the family tree made Corn Liquor)

His books are about tough people. From Strong Liqour to Strong Releigion. And, like Mrs. Dykeman, he uses mountian speak.
Some include, "The Mountains Won't Remember Us"(they won't) and "This Rock". The Fellar at the book store in town say's his Revelutionary War novel is excellant.

I know it seems funny that I recomend books from folks that I havn't completley read. For obvious reasons the last year and a half I have concentrated on War books. Before that I dealt furhter into my Cherokee Heritage.

Here is one that I would reccomend. "The Appalachian Forest" by Chris Bogliano. It will tell you just how troubled the whole place is. Great old pictures in it. Some local. They are down at the Court House.

Also James Mooney's "Myths of The Cherokee". Powerful stuff.

So, there you go. If you want these mountains and their people, those are good rescources. If your looking for entertainment...their even better.

Enough of that. Good Night
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Die you little Bastards DIE!

Ant's invaded my house...I'm killing them as we speak. Life is getting better.
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I hope this posts.

Last night I wrote like a ball of fire..if one could write...and it was lost. I wrote a post defending the reputation of my neighbors of Haywood County N.C. I'm talking about East Waynesville Bapstist Church incedent. Now, I'm not defending the Church, but the Community that surrrounds it. Mean, Prejeduce, and Hateful comments have been directed at them. The Web Site Waynesville Live hosts a bulletin board where many of the comments have been placed. The Town Officials have received mail as well.

There is something about the story we don't know. That's the feeling I have. Origanaly I wasn't going to bring it up, though I did make a statment over at A.Q's Place when he commented on it. I am here because the town is getting a bad rap over the internal actions of a Church. In my opinion, from Democrat/Socialsits that give any one a bad rap who doesn't fit into their world veiw. Not, nescacarily John Kerry Voters. I know very nice people who voted for Sen. Kerry that would never say such a thing. I'm talking about the hard core blinded by hate Democrat/Socialist that are no different than the Neocon's* that they despise. Now, I will get off of my soap box, but, I'm staying on my mountain. Such people do not understand Rural America(The South in paticular) so they despise Rural America.

The people of Haywood County are just as good as any. Yes, you Cold Mountian** fans...your beloved Haywood. Mountain People are potrayed as being Backwards and Ignorant. They are not. At least no more than your neighborhood. Any more at least a third of the people living in these mountains are transplants.

All Right enough for the night. Point Blank...the comments directed at the folks over there are unjustified and uncalled for. Regardless of what happened.
Now, I was going to feel you in on good stuff tonight and look what I had to do.
I need to finish writing a Marriage Proposal to Natasha

* Republicrats you know. **To my knowledge there was no town of Cold Mountian. The nearest Community is Cruso. Pretty place. I havn't read the book. These mountains were a meaner place during that time than the movie let's on.

Appalacian Intellectual

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The 8th of May

No, I'm not here to admitt my own addiction. Now, I have an addictive personality, at least so I beleive. If I indeed do have one I manage it quite well. But, to me addiction is as scary as the Haint in the holler. So, I stear clear.

Yesterday addiction's kept coming up in conversation. People's Drinking Addictions and Drug Addictions mostly. It covered various people we know or know of. Before the day was over I was staring it in the face. The face of someone who was once a freind, but, is now a hollow Meth Head.

To make a long story short I saw his Ex Wife who wanted him to have an Alchaholics Anonymous Book. Out of a small group of people I said that I would take it to him. I hadn't seen him in months and not only did I want to see his alledged sorry state for myself, I was less emotionaly tied and a to defend myself from who ever was there. So, I went down there.

I heard he had a new car...the last one had a collission with a horse...but, there was nothing but an empty drive way. I didn't know if he was home...but, someone could have the car. I knocked on the door and there was no sound. I listened close and heard a murmur of some kind. So, I tested the knob and the door came open. The house had a Apple Cinnamon smell to it. And there was a light on in the kitchen. He was sitting up right in a chair with his head turned away from me and a quilt in his lap. On the couch was someone face first with their face into the back of the couch. I called his name...nothing. I called response. I walked into the room and called to him...nothing. I went up to him and reached out to touch his arm. I fully expected him to be cold. As soon as I touched him his eyes lit open big and round. "Oh Hey."
"I called to you several times and you were asleep."
"Yeah guess I was tired"
"Long time no see"
"Yeah it's been a few day's"
"A few day's, it's more like a few months"
"I guess it has been"
I Told him I was there as a favor to his ex and no sooner than I got the words out of my mouth he told me he didn't have her money yet, but, as soon as he did...
"That's not why I'm here.She wanted you to have this"
He looked at the blank cover and sat it on a table next to him. He had a yellow tinge and was real guant. Sweat broke out on his forehead as I was talking wth him. In the mean time the boy asleep on the couch rose up and walked around looking at stuff nervous like on the walls. I stayed 10 minutes or so.
His last words as I was going out the door was for me to tell his ex he would have her money.
No one can help him. I fear the next time I see him he will be in a casket.

Happy Mothers Day
If your a mother or any variation of, Happy Mothers Day! Your essential to the survival of the human race.

Jello News
Jello Boy is doing well. In our addiction(oh, saying the word is deppressing) conversation he told me a story from his Graduation Frolic at Myrtle Beach SC some moons back. There was someone he didn't know, a kid from Ohio that had been pouring Tequila through a funnel down his throat. Well, he passed out of course. An EMT Student told Jello that the boy had alchahol poisening and that if he didn't get him to vomitting real quick he was going to die. So, Jello Boy threw him in the shower, turned the water on and stuck his finger down the guy's throat. He threw up and became another hung over High School Graduate. Some Months later Jello went to a teen party in Spartanburg SC and the Ohio boy was there. He remembered him and has ran into him in out of the blue places since and the boy alway's remembers him. Jello Boy is not all love sick goofiness.

You know, for being north of The Mason Dixon Line, I like the people from Ohio. A few I've had scrapes with, but, that's personality stuff and not some cultural rudeness.

Shoe Blogging 11Bravo Style
You see those Jungle Boots at the top right of the page? Yeah, the ones with a great pistol sitting on them. Those have been a fine pair of boots. I've wore them for duty and hunted and just plain tromped the mountains in them. But, the inner leather sole has gotten a little dried out. The Right boot in the toe area is curled upward and cramped my toes yestreday. There I was stomping up a Forest Service Road and my toes were either smashed or numb. I found myself hobling on the gravel. They still have plenty of sole and the lether is not too bad. (I had a pair that was part melted on the botton from warming them by fires) I think I'll get them soaking wet and fill the toes with something to try to flatten them out. Of course I have three more pairs of Jungle Boots. A black pair, a good ol' pair and a Korean Imitation pair. I like the regular old green sided boots. Hey! The Drive By Truckers are on the Radio! Southern Bitch is next! OK, back to my boots, there will be time for Good Southern Rock later. Some years back The Army in one of it's sorry moves announced there would be no more Green Jungle Boots. It was a tragedy to me. Then, a warehouse of OD Jungle Boots was found and they said, OK...Green can stay. Or, so the story goes. I can buy a new pair, but, I might as well buy a pair of deserts.

Well. I've been in front of this thing long enough.
Meth Kills
Appalachian Intellectual

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Edit Post

I found the links for COl Hackworths Obituarie to be ccorupt. Most likley you looked the stuff up yourself. Gotta run...Jello Boy requests my help.
Appalachian Intellectual

Friday, May 06, 2005

Col David Hackworth...

This morning I learned the sad news that Col David Hackworth died of cancer (NEW LINK)while in Mexico Wednesday. I had alway's wanted to shake his hand. Well, not in this world. He honestly cared about the people that not only make up the Armed Forces, but, the American People as well. His rants will be missed...may his knowledge live on.
An Online Guest Book(NEW LINK) is available
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Not A Good Day To Die

I finished reading "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" a couple of weeks ago. A book that I will read again. The next in line to read, purchased Friday, is "Not A Good Day To Die, The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda", by Sean Naylor. I had read this review by Major Don Vandergrif on Defense And National Interest early last week. I instantly wanted the book. When I first heard of the Battle, I sensed something was not right. Where were all of the dead bodies we were told about? It appeared to me that Al Qauda/Taliban had pulled a classic "G" and slipped out on them. A few months later I helped train a Support Unit and the "kids" acted uninterested. I snapped that I didn't think Afghanistan was going as well as we were lead to beleive, that they better pay attention because they could die. Later, they all deployed to Iraq. Thankfully they have all come back.
During the election I laughed about John Kerry's comments on the Battle. I got the feeling he had read headlines and made an assumption. It was an assumption(made by many) that took focus off of our Forces by blaming our Afghan Allies and taking away from reform. Perhaps our Afghan Allies were at fault, but, could not have been entirely. By not admitting your mistakes, you will never correct them and the only ones who would learn from those day's in the Shahikot Valley would be the men who fought there. One thing I will note, John Kerry's "plan" for the Military had already been laid out in an Army Times article 9 months before. But, I'm not here to pick on Senator Kerry. I am here to tell you you deserve more bang for your buck.
In the Prolouge of "Not A Good Day To Die" Naylor talks of how readiness had fell in the years prior. Both yourself and the boy's who flew into that Battle deserve better.
It promises to be a good book.

Peace Keeping Kills
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"Wish not to live long as to live well",
Bejamin Franklin, Poor Richards Almanac.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mush I tell you

Everything I've touched this weekend has turned to mush. Well, not entirely. Everything has kinda come out alright. No biggie.
Friday night I had a date. I have those sometimes. More latley than before. Women sort of come and go. That's not the point. At the end of the evening, for reason's I won't reveal, I was left with the impression that I hurt her feelings and/or made her mad. Making someone mad doesn't bother me, hurting someones feelings does. I just don't like hurting peoples feelings, especialy women. Even if I feel the least bit of harmony with any woman, I adore them none the less. She's not exactly my type, but, I find myself enjoying her company some. So, I'm not going out of my way to run her off. I called her this morning and she said she didn't expect me to call...She relaxed, as long as everything is at a safe distance it's cool.

Joe Byers
Speaking of dates, a couple of weeks back I went out with a girl down in Georgia. I saw Curahee* Mountain famed from the Book/Movie "Band of Brothers". I've been close, but, never actualy by it. She told me that Easy Company 506th Member Joe Byers would go visit the schools there every year. He came once, talked with the kids at school and then died in his Motel Room that night. He was a good man, may he rest in peace. It's something of an irony...not dieing in the war, but, dieing in a place that had such enormous impact on his life other than his home after all of these years. As if he had fullfilled his last mission. Again may he rest in peace.

Retirment Dinner
Regarding the last post, my good freinds Retirment Dinner, well that was a mush too. The invitations had been sent out over a month back. So details were not fresh in my mind. It was supposed to start at 1700(5:00PM) I was thinking 1900(7:00PM) I show up at 1830(6:30PM) thinking that I was early...every one had eaten and was wondering what had happend to me. Well, we made it a joke. I was hurt more than anyone else because I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I was a little dissapointed that a couple of people were not there, but suprized that some had made it from far off. So, as alway's made the best of the bad. I'm proud that I went.

Oh yeah all of you hip people that's had the fortune of following my Blog for the last few months, you've seen me mention this before. Being a Drilling Reservist I am subject to call up. There was my near "Cross Leveling" with a deploying Unit back in Febuary and my Divisions pending activation for Iraq. This is not nescarily new.

Now there as been very little information come down from the Chain of Command/Support Chanel about this. The first mention of it came at our January Drill. Then right before I was about to be sent out with another Unit in Febuary a letter had come down asking for Volunteers but, not relasing any information. Other wise, there has just been rumors.

I mentioned it to one of the Retired guy's at the Dinner and he starts rattling off all of this information...some I had heard some not. He acted as if his information was solid. I asked where he was getting this, he has been retired for two years! It turns out he see's someone high up in the Division on a regular basis. Retired and he knows more than a guy that's going to be directly effected by this. Now, the Division is tight lipped on this information and I'm not sure why. Perhaps they are waiting until things are a little more solid. Even if I'm frustrated I'll stay tight lipped in support of my Chain Of Command as far as the Blog is concerned.

Before I had rather we were going to Afghanistan. They are Mountain People and I can somewhat understand them a little better than Iraqi's. But, I've grown use to the idea of Iraq. I've got a job to do and I'm going to try my best.

So, my Activation can be anywhere from next week to next year. The future is uncertian and the present is not clear. ( was that a Door's lyric?)

Two of the retired guy's wer pressing for me to put my packet in for the next promotion board. I laughed and told them either way around I'm going to Iraq.

* Curahee Mountian is a Cherokee word. I don't know the true meening. Most now used Cherokee words are coruptions, being not truly pronounced, altered in some way. The Cherokee had settlements in Up Sate South Carolina and North Georgia refered to as the Lower Towns. The Middle Towns in West NC and Over Hills in Tennesee(a coruption of Tanasee). They all had their distinct Dialect of the language. The Lower Dialect had a rolling R where as the Middle and a Over Hill Dialects used and L in the place of R. The Lower Towns were first encounterd so R stuck in the name. The Lower Dialect is not spoken any more. Tsaligi is the common name or Tsarigi in Lower Dialect. C was placed for the TS sound. Ani Yinuwha is the formal meens the Principle People.

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