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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

Location: Brevard, North Caroilina

I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Black Fingers

Got me a new tree stand. Can't complain about the price, found it rotting in the woods. All of the nuts and bolts are seized up(Gaum does not apply here, silly Flatlander's) and the canvas foot loops were dry rotted. It's a two peice climbing stand. This is the before picture, when it's been rebuilt, I'll show it. I thought it was an old refurbished one, then I noticed the wood was stamped Warren Sweat with a Deer Head Logo. Me and Ray were loking for a tree stand when we found it. We managed to find the other, but, that's another story

Well unless you live under a rock you know Bob Woodruff of ABC was put in bad shape by an IED(wich is an Improvised Explosive Device, a Co worker asked me today). He was riding in an Iraqi Armored Personell Carrier. I'm assuming an M113, but you know about assumming. It makes an Ass out of you and me. Of course there was a Camera Man which was wounded. Both were sent to Landstuhl Germany, a place I hope me and mine never have to see. There was an Iraqi in the vehicle that was evacuated(The OD in me wants to say EVAC) along with them. Well, the Newsies are all Bob and Camera Man. Somewhat understandable, he's gotten to be a big man. Bareley a mention of the Iraqi with them. Why? Is it because he's a Soldier or just a Soldier of the Tar Baby? You can call me sensative, but, if they are going to talk about it so much, then mention the other guy too. Anyway, I hope they all turn out fine.

Speaking of Sensative...I broke a nail
Me and Jello Boy refinished a Shotgun this weekend. Atleast we did the metal and plastic portions using Duracoat in Gun Blue. It worked rather well, but, the stuff got on my fingers and I havn't qiute gotten it all off. Actone took some of it off of my nails, wich made them brittle and one broke this morning. The stuff is wearing off slowly so, if it does this well on my fingers it ought to do well on a Gun. Basically two teaspoons of the stuff covered a Breech Loading Single Shot Shotgun. We're also going to redo my Grandaddy's old Muzzle Loader and a .410 Shotgun of JB's.

Under A Rock
I found myself living under a rock this last week. I have a cousin, wich despite his many shortcomings, I'm fond of, fighting for his life the other night and the whole town talking about it. I didn't know a thing. I once called him "The Origanal Man of Constant Sorrow". Because with all of his troubles, wich have mainly been brought on by himself, he will still meet you on that Golden Shore. That and he's got a Heart the size of any of these Mountains. A fellar was over at his house and somehow started some trouble, wich my cousin proceeded to show him the door. The fellar grabbed a Claw Hammer and lit into him with it. God has alway's giving him the opportunity to defend himself. They scuffled and my cousin grabbed a Fire Place Poker and was able to get a lick in on this fellar. Everything is fuzzy, I don't know who called the Law, but, my Cousin had the claw's stuck into the back of his head when the Law showed up. He's doing OK. I found out about it through an Aunt on the other side of the Family. She asked me his condition and I had no idea what she was talking about. I had missed the News the last two day's. It turns out my mother called my Cell Phone and left a message wich doesn't exsist. Heck, I get all of the "I have a lightbulb burned out" calls, but a serious one? Thanks Verizon.
Several versions of the story exsist. About the only thing they get right is the hammer.

Appalachain Intellectual...just another Red Blooded Fairtax Believing, Gun Owning, Libertarian Hunter

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't fall in the fire...

The 23rd made a year since this Blog began. So, Dance around the campfire, hang around a while. At the moment this post is being influenced by a very sluggish internet...the Recalcitranet. I won't give you a speech. I could. Instead I havn't kept up with much of any of my fellow Bloggers latley... Only Spotblogging...Yes, I claim that term...Reading Blogs every now and then...So, I would like to share some links to some intersting stuff that I have read latley.
APPALACHIA FIRST! Elvis Drinkmo had this to say. How 'bout that, you thought us Mountain Folk were backwards. Nope. Turns out were just isolated.
Going further south to the has better Laws than us, State of Georgia, Three Score and Ten More had something to say regarding Farm Life. Made me think of Napoleon Dynamite. Hey...he had nothing to prove, but, he got off his ass and worked instead of waiting for a hand out!

Forgotten Words
As I was growing up I lived in the Upstate of South Carolina. But, the real home was an hour away. I spoke differantly from most children. I used words like Gaum. The American Heritage Dictionary qoutes it as being regional, an alteration of gum. Meaning to smudge or smear. Websters goes slightly further giving more of the meaning of it, saying that it is Old English. It means to being thick gum like, messy, stuck in place, something that would relate to that. (I've heard it has a Melungeon influence, being a Turkish word. No, that's not a lost Indian Tribe. But, I doubt it. There are no Mulungeons here.) So, a fellar could say he's messing and a gauming...He's eating messely. Or, it's all gaumed up. It's a mess, malfunction or so on. It is not rude! It's used in common form. This is somethng for outsiders...out landers or so on, people without roots here find this unique. When you show them the word in the dictionary, it stuns them. Posted by Picasa know the song qoute above is from a certain band...what song? Let's just see how much of a Heathen you are?

Happy "Birthday to me...and to you"(Blog of course)
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Foggy Truces

Osama bin Laden and the Peace of "Whatphalia"
Bin Laden said "they', Al Qauda I'm sure, wouldn't object to a Truce with us in his latest taped Recording. Naturally the Response from Washington is "We don't negotiate with Terrorist". But, hypothetically, let's assume we desired to talk Truce with Al Qauda. Where would such negotiations take place and with whom? Would we just take each others words over taped Recordings? Remember, we are not fighting a State, but the Stateless. What member of Al Qauda would be willing to step out into public to do the talking? My guess is they would use a respected Cleric as a go between(I prefer Liason, that's the Olive Drab in my blood). Most likley the discussion would take place in Iraq, or some place symbolic, like Juresalem.
I would really like to hear what terms they would offer. Al Qauda is very ambigous. It would interest me if they would use parle' as a weapon as the East Asians do. Korea and Vietnam being an example.
Then there is the Renegade issue. What Members would be willing to abide by the Truce? For you "Civil War"(Major misnomer) fans and those familiar with Goergia and Tennessee let's observe the word Chickamauga. A quick note, It's not sure if it's a Cherokee or Creek word*, they often shared place names. But, The Cherokees agreed to a Peace with the Fledgling United States in 1777. That is some of them did. The Warrior Dragging Canoe pulled up stakes and moved further down the Tennessee River below Chickamauga Creek into what's now Northwest Goegia and Alabama. This was known as the Chickamauga Faction. Some Tories and Creeks joined them. Still it was mostly Cherokee Ethnically. They fought on through the Revelution.
Al Zawqari, if he's still alive or not visiting Dysney World, would most likley not agree and strike out on his own. His "Al Qauda in Iraq" is questionable, personally I doubt it's Legitamite Al Qauda. But, I'm not alway's right. With deception playing such a role in our given Conflicts inWest Asia, I doubt any such Truce would last for long. The Stateless tends to splinter.

On A lighter note...
I got darn near lost today. Me? The "Experianced Outdoorsman"? Well, not exactly. I was walking around up on a Mountain I'm less familair with in the Fog and Rain. I had followed old logging roads to a Gap, a Saddle to some. From it I walked up onto a top in the direction I had come. It would be easy, just walk up it and down the Ridge and I would be in the last Gap I had walked through. Well, not really. I couldn't see but maybe 40 yards. I knew I had somehow overshot the ridge that would lead to said Gap. Somewhere there was a "Hidden Ridge", meaning it started somewhere down the slope of a hill. Deer like to travel Ridgelines. So, I took the Ridge back and and followed a Deer Trail I had saw coming up from the side of the Hill. Besides, it couldn't bet too far. In a matter of yards I saw the "Hidden Ridge". And in about 70 yards or so I was back at the said Gap, where I had intended to be. Being foggy like it was I couldn't pay attention to distant land marks, knowing they would be in given directions and certain angles visable. I did pull out my Cell Phone knowing if I had a Southern Exposure I would get a signal on that Mountain. Once, I didn't, meaning the Top was blocking the signal, wich I knew I had walked too far by that time. It was just a confirmation. Then once I was back in the Gap the darn thing was vibrating. Yep, navigate by Cell Signal. Did all of that confuse you? If so it all took place an a 1/2 hour and less than 500 yards, by contour of the Earth.
An odd thing up there. Twice I found where some seasons back someone had dug up the roots of Poplar Tree's that were damaged. Young tree's about 12-15" in Diameter. Damaged by Lighting or broken in ice. The Forest Service I'm sure.

* according to James Mooney in "History, Myth's and Sacred Formula's of The Cherokee's".

You'l be good...
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello, My Fellow Mortals

I enjoyed Supper. Not Dinner, that's the Noon Meal. It was Supper. I took some Deer meat(off of the neck) marinated it in Allegra Game Tame(The best for wild meat!) over night, cutit up and brazed it in some Bear Oil. I took a cut up Onion threw some Butter in a pan and put the marinade on it. I fixed Chicken Helper, the Rice kind, with the Deer meat instead and the onions on it. Finish it of with some Yogurt. mmuhm Good!

Over the last year I've read a couple of books by H. John Poole, a retired Marine that writes on Tactical issues. Anyone who follows this Blog also knows that I read the Writings of Bill Lind. I have found that they, as well as some others, use The Christian Science Monitor to collect some of their information. The Monitor was smart enough to use the Late Steven Vincent. As for the snippets I've read, I'm impressed. They provide more insight than the average News Agency. Atleast so it seems. As you may know a long time Reporter of the Monitor has been kidnapped in Iraq. She's an attractive Woman and the Militants will capitalize on that. Such things happen in 4th Generation Warfare. I fear this one may have a bigger impact than intended.
I also have been introduced to ThreatsWatch , another place to collect information. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, maybe you want to know. I do reccomend the two.

Well, I need to order some Duracoat to refinish a Gun with. Stay tuned for more Appalachian Patria
Appalachian Intellectual

Monday, January 16, 2006

Doesn't that just chill you to the bone? This is above Burning Town in Macon County NC. I believe that might be Winespring Bald in the clouds there. This was taken not far from where Ol' Ranger Buddy Twister was brutally attacked by a squirrel. If it wasn't for his gloves he wouldn't be shooting any birds for a while.

Every day you that you listen or watch the news you see and hear of troubled lands. Death, Starvation and Chaos. Through out the 90's you saw Genocide nightly in what was Yugoslavia. Mass Graves that were later proven not to exist*. You see natural disasters, War, in all of it's forms, and Scandal. You get drowned with broken Hollywood romances.
I don't have to look far to see a troubled Land. I live in it, by choice anymore, fighting, hoping and planning for a better day. But, this ol' town's alright with me, there's no where I'd rather be.
People look at these Mountains and see Heaven, but there's a touch of Hell here. Sometimes we're our own worst enemies, there's our Anti Intellectualism, Inertia, lack of unity and sometimes no purpose that anyone is willing to unite on. You can call this Blue Ridge megalomania, but, I believe the last man standing on Earth will be an Appalachian Hillbilly somewhere between North Alabama and the middle of Pennsylvania. He'll live just for spite.
Our small towns are sprawl towns. Appalachia seems to want to distance itself from it's useful Culture and hang on to the useless that's held it down. It's an Inferiority complex. One we don't deserve. We're unique, from one side of the Mountain to the other, not being the same. One family is not the same as another...A family name means a lot around here.
To many this may seem like plain rambling. It may remind you of your own back yard. But, if your from here it's not plain rambling, but, obvious truth. To those who left these Mountains their shadows follow them around like Ghost. I get downhearted, discouraged and overwhelmed. But, if I was to ever lose hope, I'm a Scotch Irish Hillbilly with some Cherokee thrown in...I've got spite.

* The General is stating his own opinion, however his statements are based on facts.

Hold your head high Appalachia, it doesn't have to end this way.
Appalachian Intellectual
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

This Male Bear weighed roughly 235 Pounds and was about 4 years old. Most bear and Deer taken by Hunters are around 3 Years old. This is the one that I referred to earlier. I've been meaning to post it for some time. The Bear Population in North Carolina is on the rise. So too is the Human Population. Scrapes with Bears are becoming more common. I beleive the greatest danger to Bears are Retired "Floridians" with High Powered Rifles and Bird Feeders. Given they're not living in one of their nice Gated Communities they use for "Country Living". None the less, I'm glad to see the Species on the rise.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Early Night for Me, Folks.

I don't sleep well at Drill. This time more so than others. We didn't have our usual Cabin, we stayed in a little 8'x8" room. The thermostat was in the hallway, but, the vents in the rooms. It was if sleeping in an oven. Then there was The Gaurd. National Gaudsmen coming in on Friday Night and getting up at 0430( it was a three day Drill for me, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). My Buddy turned the heat down in the Hall when we went to bed, sometime in the night someone stepped in thinking it was cold, and, it was in the Hallway, turning the Heat up to 75. It was 90 in the room! Must have been one of those South Carolina Low Country Boy's. No, no good sleep.
I had a Date last night and didn't get home until after Midnight(so, yes, Murf your partly true). Tonight, I will sleep well.
As for my pending deployment to Iraq, it's still pending. I won't go into detail. That would give you Virtigo.
I've agreed to be Jello Boy's Best Man in his Wedding. I have to wear a Tux:(

Some Qoutes
Big Game Hunting is over for the meantime. In Honor of the Season, I'm going to post some qoutes from it.
Twister shot a Coyote on Opening Day of Deer Gun Season and a Spike on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
My other Hunting Partner, Ray, shot a Spike on the day before Thanksgiving and a Six Pointer on Thanksgiving Morning. He shot a Bear on Opening Morning of Bear Season.
All that I seen was Does when it didn't count.
Me Twister and the Host's of Maconite Bear Hunters had numerous Strikes* on Bears and Hogs. Twister missed a Hog(don't rub it in too hard!) and there was the one Bear Kill in the First Season.
Anyway, here are some qoutes.
"I think I shot two Deer, I think I had a pass through", Ray. We never found evidence that he did. Though it seemed possible.
"A fool and his meat soon part", Twister on someone who turned around and started giving Deer meat away that was giving to them.
"She wonders why I'm so exhausted when I come in from the woods. This is hard work", Ray.
Don't give him no more meat", my own advice about someone who gave away Meat that was given to them.
"Jello Jerky", Twister's compliments over some Jerky that Jello Boy had made me. We snacked on it while stomping above Burning Town. It was good.
"People who don't Hunt think that it's easy. You see, getting that Deer meat ain't easy buisness", myself to the 14 year old Boy that went Hunting with me.
"That was fun!", the 14 year old boy that went Hunting with me.
"I didn't get to Hunt the last day of Season", The Jolly Red Head Giant.
"A Meat Moocher, some one who asks for the best parts, not owing you a favor or nothing and never get's out in the woods. When some one gives you some meat, it's a compliment. You give it to people you owe, your kin and close freinds or someone you just think is a good person.. Unless you have way more than enough you just don't give it way. Yeah, this is fun, but, it's not easy. They think if they stand there and grin your'e going to give them Tender Loin", My own complaining of said people.

*Dog's Strike a Scent. There are a few stories to be told.
Enough for now, I'm tired.
Willy, your freindly Appalachain Intellectual

Monday, January 02, 2006

Resolutions of the Bold and Eccentric

I wouldn't be suprized if there was a New Years Resolution Meme going around. If so, I'll head it off at the pass. I'm big on resolutions. I wish I could be like my Cousin's Husband the other night and proudly say that I have never broken a New Years Resolution. I have. Simply carry them over to the next year.

This may read as a Proclamation. I have several and I'll not put them all down here.

I want to get better at climbing hills. That may sound odd, but, to an outdoorsman it makes sense. Through my 20's I did rather well. Coming home from a Ranger Battalion helped. At 30, I had to work harder, and, as most people in my age range do, I fell behind. Oh, I still do well on the Army Physical Fitness Test, but, climbing up the sides of Mountains with Gear(often in the freezing cold) is a little different. Getting pulled up a Mountain by an enthused Bear Dog is a true work out. It's as what the Jolly Red Head Giant said the other day, "can you imagine Bear Hunting for a month? You'd be in great condition!"

As usual, get into better shape. I count this different from the above. You can be in great shape, but, not use to climbing up hill sides. Some of our best Warriors find it hard to negotiate with Afghanistan's Mountains. So, yes, get in better physical condition...Abdominal, Muscular and Cardiorespatory.

Lose 15 pounds. That will enable me to conquer the first two a little easier. Besides, since I may be Activated and sent to Iraq, I'll lose it anyhow. The average Reservist is said to lose 15 pounds in country. I'm sure that may count for much of the Active Military as well.

A while back I posted a portion of one of the stories I am writing...Or should I say was. So, I plan on getting it complete. A hard thing to do, I just don't have the creative juices flowing your supposed to have. None the less, it's a story dear to my heart and I want to finish it.

I intend to be a better advocate for Environmental Conservation. I warn you this will be a vehicle for it. So, if your a Greeny or some one who wants to turn the world into a sprawling hell...You'l just have to deal with it. I love the woods and these ancient Mountains. I've read William Bartram and John Lawson as well as other's. I know the loss that has occurred...As a Mountaineer, as a Hunter...As someone with a love of the wilds...I want to preserve and restore.

As well I aim to be a better advocate for The Libertarian Cause. I had ancestors who fought at Cowpens, Kings Mountain and Yorktown. On one side of my family it goes back countless generations of people who lived freer lives than most imagine. They were all in these Mountains to live their lives as they see fit. It's in the Blood. At 17 Years Old, I raised my hand and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I believe in it...It's a living document. As I see it, it is an extention of that Oath. I do not wish to go down as a poor, socialized Man that lives a life of regulation from the Political Elite.We do not have a two party system...There is an alternative to the Masters of Redundancy at Versailles on the Potomac.

More fun with more Women, avoid their baggage. As I told a Girl last night, I like Women. I love to put a smile on ones face, but, they often come with way too much unnescary baggage. She agreed. So, yes, enjoy the company of more Women.

Back to the World of Consequences. Improve my Tactical and Strategical skills. Read, discuss, try and practice. That is as a Soldier, a Hunter, and generally as someone trying to make a better life for themselves. All will be put into practice, except next Hunting Season may have to be put off.

So for that matter, make more money. That will enable me to accomplish the goals I need to accomplish. The Lord blessed me with being able to pay off a bill recently...I aim to pay off another and improve my lot. Good Lord willing.

That's enough for this time...
Appalachian Intellectual