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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

Location: Brevard, North Caroilina

I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogs, Dogs, Bullets and Coons

WooHoo! Yesterday was beautiful. The air was clear and the sky was so blue with the few clouds giving it a complmentary charecter. The tempature got well into the 70's(Farinheit, You'l) and the air was still. It was the kind of day that made everyone smile a little more and tolerate others more easily. A real pearl in the swines snout.

Me and the maintanance man climbed up on the roof. The night before last a pully had flung off of the shaft of a fan motor. A new one had to be ordered and it would be a day before it came(Granger is pretty fast, arrived today). In the meantime one was borowed off of a fan not needed at the time. So, a 1 1/2 Horse Power motor went on a fan where a 3/4 Horse Power motor had been. It's turning some major RPM's. The doors in that side of the plant won't shut all the way unless you manualy shut them. They just hang at about an inch from the door jam. When they are closed, they whistle. Industry is so entertaining.

I get to work early in the mornings. I usualy spend the time reading on the web. I found a real cool Blog, It's called Red Georgia Clay.The boy is in North Geogia, I suspect Habersham County maybe. He's has some good reading. and if your just joining me, check out Travlin Ed too.

A while ago I had alot more written, mostly stories about my dog. But, I hit the wrong button when linking the above mentioned Blog and it all went poof.

My dog has put a scare in me a time or two. Her name is Bosco, I didn't name her that, she had the name when she came to be here. She was rescued from the pound by my former Girl Freinds Best Freind. She had been on TV being featured and she couldn't keep her later on. She was skiddish at first with me, but, we have become realy fond of each other. I didn't realise the other night that my cell phone was on vibrate and ring. So, I hear this funny noise coming from her direction. I didn't know what to think. I called her(yeah, Bosco) she just lay there, then, I heard it again. I thought she passed gas, yet she was so still. About that time the phone rang. Bosco raised her head and looked at me like "whatever". It was the girl of latley on the phone. Her phone kept breaking up and I still don't know much of what she said. Every time that we have talked on the phone it's been like the bad calls you see on comercials.

I have nick names for Bosco...Love Puppy, Soul Dog and Groove Pooch. She's real smart, she'll stare at you and grin. Once she was seen playing in the yard in the middle of the night like she was playing with a youngin. She hates Bears. She has her own special bark for them. Oh, Racoons are on her list too. The last day of deer season I woke around 0200 unable to sleep. After spending a cold day in the woods, walking across a river four times then climbing some big hills and sleeping very little I was plumb tired. At 0515 the next morning she's demanding out...I let her out with my sleepy eyes half shut. No sooner than I shut the door I hear her into it with something...a Bob Cat Maybe? No, it was a Coon. I couldn't tell until the two parted to knash their teeth. Then the Coon made a break for it and ran across the yard and into the woods...Bosco in hot persuit. I called to use. At 0745 I went looking for her. I stood on the porch and called her. She came around the side of the house. I had my .45 with me and sat it down on the porch(she hates the thing). I walked to her and away she goes..she had the Coon tree'd. I made it to the ground where the two commenced into a knock down drag out. A Coon will tear a dog up.(if your dog ever chases a Coon into the water, start digging a hole) I ran back around and got my pistol, ran around the house where the coon was back up the tree(A White Oak). Huffing and puffing I pulled the hammer back for a single action shot(a Sig is double action). The old Coon is staring at me with one eye and I take aim...BANG! I'm shooting a Hydra Shock Bullet, wich is a Hollow Point with a stem in the center. It is made to penetrate deep into a body and stay there while making a real big hole. Bad shot, a 1/4" off, I caught the side of the tree, where the bullet stuck. The Coon jumped out of the tree where it and Bosco ran in oppisite directions. I don't think it's been back.

Darn it's late! OK...shower and bed, here I come!
Appalachain Intellectual

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. Have fun Easter Egg hunting.

That was earlier, this is later.
It is darker than a dungeon outside. A good rain falling, a real gully washer. There is some lightening(should I realy be on here?) and that makes my dog nervous. She doesn'y like Thunder and Lightening the least bit. She stay's under my feet(and she's a big dog) or in the night will sleep under my bed. I admitt I get agrevated with her when she can't get it together. Now, she can be a brave thing. She raises a real fuss at bears when they come around.

Crazy things on the road
I've seen some things happen on the road latley that are worth noting. One was a small economy car that was the second car ahead of me, slowed down very quickly and pulled to the side of the road real gentle like. As I passed by I saw that the Hood had flown up and back against the wind sheild blocking their veiw. You should have seen the look on the two boy's faces.
The other was Friday Morning. I crossed a rise on the road and there was a Burgandy Crown Vic pulled over to the side about 25 yards down the slope. After I passed I looked in the rear veiw mirror and saw the guy pull across the road doing a big U turn as a big truck loaded with brick came at him. A U turn is bad, but, a U trun on a reverse slope is real bad.

Guns of Arabia
Yesterday I went into an Antique store and saw an old Saturday Evening Post from 1962. On the Cover were two Beduins with British 303 Enfeilds that looked to be in very good condition. During the Arab Revolt of WWI the British provided rifles to Prince Feisal's forces. I had recently found a web page on T.E Lawrence(Lawrence Of Arabia) were the auther noted that he had seen many of the rifles from that time in the hands of Beduins in Jordan, where they were still prized and well cared for. I have no doubt these were two of those rifles. I am very impressed that these rifles may still be in the hands of 3rd Great Grandson's.
I am currently reading "The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom", by T.E.Lawrence, his story of the Arab Revolt. It is a book well worth reading. It's a big one, 660 pages. I plan to read it again once I'm through. It's a war story with comments on strategy and tactics as well as very informative of the complexities of the Arab Tribes. Reading it I have found where the Great Strategist Col. John Boyd(USAF Ret) found some of his termonology. Chapter 33 is basicaly all about strategy.

U.S/Mexican Border
I just watched a documentary from the History Channell on the U.S. Border Patrol. Often when we think of the Border we think of poor Latin Americans coming here to try to make a living, send some money home. I've worked with Mexicans in the past that I was suspicious of being illegal, but, I have mostly liked them as people. No offense to them, we need to clamp down on our border hard. Many coming across are gang's(I.E MS13), quite a few Arabs have been caught, and much of their money goes back to their country and does not get circulated into our economy(or taxed). Further, the Mexican Army has been known to "get lost" on the U.S. side.
I talked to a roofer the other day from S.C. He told me he only works here, in N.C. He said that in S.C. there were too many Mexicans who way under bid jobs and do them very fast, but, their work is shoddy. They value quanity over quality. Oh, BTW, his crew was the lowest bid for the job by $4000.00.

What I've Become
I think that I've come to see the world as a great big ball of problems waiting to be solved. I certainly don't claim all of the answers(other than implentning forsight and common sense). I'm not sure if I like this at times. I know, a woman would go a long way in my life, but, I still wouldn't give up.

God Bless All Of You...
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hello, folks, I'm now feeling much better in health and managed to enjoy Drill. I wasn't able to catch a ride with my usual riding buddy. He had not made it back from down east. If it wasn't for a strong dose of cold medecine, I don't think I would have made it there in one peice. It was said that I looked like "shit warmed over". I slept like a rock Friday night, Saturday Night was another story. The Drive By Truckers were there Saturday Night, but, feeling as bad as I was and having buisnes the next day I didn't go. I love the Truckers, but, I have to have my priorites.

I did something this morning just before work that has drawn attention to me. Reading the Iraqi Blog "Raed In The Middle", he had made a comment about our number of dead in Iraq and Terry Shiavo. I normaly don't comment when I look at his Blog, just make my notes and go on. But, this time he had struck a nerve with me. First, I am neither for or against removing the woman's feeding tube. I'm rather sick of seeing it on the news. As far as I'm concerned,the matter is between her family, the state and our Great Creator. I commented to Raed that he can say what he wishes about our actions in his country, but, to "keep his mouth shut" about our internal affairs. Perhaps I should have not used such language. I see Raed as intelligent, but, small minded and lacking courage. He has reason to be impatient(if that is the word) over our current occupation of his country and has every right to voice so. I understand and respect that.
It turns out I hit the posting button twice and so, twice posted. I had also swithched two letters in the word "review" and someone took a shot at me(harmless fire) implying that "Appalachian Intelectual" is dumb. No response warranted.
More than likley Raed would care less about my comment, I suspect he can't see past his anger. But, a family's affair is a family's affair.

I saw on ABC News a peice on the Kentucky NG Military Police Company (most likley a Platoon sized element) that succesfully fought itself through an ambush south of Bagdhad. Good for them. They did well. I generaly don't like MP's, I feel that they are a glorified security detail, but, that's me. I can tell you this, the Insurgents did a poor, poor job. I don't know enough details, but, I know something about ambushes. If it is a properly executed ambush there ARE NO suvivors. The first opening rounds of an ambush are critical. The Insurgents that did this one were not the hard core Al Qauda or Hezballah, but, rank ametuers. Most likley new to the movement. The MP's reacted well and lived to fight another day. A note, such a fight would hardly have made the news in the Vietnam War. Iraq is not Vietnam, it's Iraq.

Oh, as far as comments on Raed's Blog, it seems to be nothing more than a battle ground of Propaganda between the left and the right of the world. I was the only person that signed my Blogger Name.

Folk's of the world, it's raining in Appalachia tonight, I'm going to go enjoy the sound of it hitting my roof.
Appalachian Intellectual

Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm still feeling rough

Last night after my post the fever came on with a vengance. I could hardly concentrate at all. So, no linking. I packed for Drill and it took me forever. The poor old cat(I have a cat and dog I love very much BTW) was on the couch next to me. I moved her and there was mucus on her back...Gross I know. I apologised to her.
After a rather miserable night I called in sick. I somehow need to manage to go get a hair cut, find out if I can car pool with one of my budies(He's been down east all week I don't know for sure if he's going straight there or not) Then riding with me can be bad for your health. I hope I feel so much better Saturday Morning. The Training Schedule is blank from my mind. And, I don't want to hear the constant "you look like shit". Cool, Jimmy Hendrix's "Voo Doo Child" is on the radio.

Any how, let me grab some gumption and get going.
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rough As A Cobb

Rough as a cobb, that's how I feel. I should feel joyful. I finaly managed to link something on my page. I had to figure out what a clip board was and I suppose I should have asked the Kind Travln' Ed and the Lovley Rena. I put myself on the MILBLOGS Ring, approval depending.

I broke down today and took some sick hours. The Dragon Lady(that's what I will call her!) said that everyone looking at me could tell I feel like "shit". "Oh, so I look like shit?", I responded. I have Drill this weekend and I don't feel like being sick there.

I'm going to go work on links for a few.
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Theres an old purple Station Wagon with a big yellow lightening bolt down both sides of it that comes through my town. One of these day's I'm going to shake the hand of the old boy who drives it.

I've got the newest Social Distortion on right now. If your a fan, you know it's been a while since they put anything out. It's a real good CD. A little too short though. If your not a fan, their a cross between Johnny Cash and The Sex Pistols. I think I can manage to forgive Mike Ness for getting involved with Rolling Stone Magazines "Anti Bush Tour". That magazine is ran by idiots.

Do you want to hear the weather? We're going to get hit by three Low Pressure systems and cold air wedging in on us. Might be intersting, might be nothing to amount to anything...March is something.

I have Drill coming this weekend.(Drill is the weekend thing). I Drill 3 1/2 hours away. Me and a couple of others rent a cabin on a National Gaurd Facility. Not too bad a place. For some reason the last few months they have put me and one certain buddy in the Handicap side of the Cabin....I wonder about that.

I'm off in my attempt to feel better(still sick)
Applachian Intellectual

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Amongst The Living

I have seen about every kind of weather this last couple of day's. The wind has howled for the most of it. Friday had a warm, calm morning, turned windy, blew rain sideway's, blew some snow. As I crossed the mountian into my side of the county all I saw was white. The wind blew snow everywhere, it stuck some about dark and blew away in the night. Saturday morning was warm but, the wind was feirce. 60 degree's with 60MPH gusts. It was thundering earlier. My dog hates it. If this talk bores, you, understand I'm awaed by nature.

Now, this morning was wonderful. It was as if where ever you were was the center of the universe. I stayed home for most of it, but, when I was out seems like everyone was about. I saw alot of Harley Davidson's. Seems like everyone and their brother has one. I don't reckon there is any thing wrong with that. But, in my mind, it's like alchohol, some people wouldn't have a personality without it.

I saw the girl I lived with for six years today. She had two kids that I never get to be around now. They alway's called me their step dad and I guess that I was. She showed me a picture of my step daughter...what a young woman she's turning into. She's 14 now. She could make freinds with a snake. I miss the both of them sometimes. I rarely ever talk about much with my Ex. I don't hate her. The truth is, I'll go to my grave loving her, but, could never live with her again. I told her about my "almost call up" and the news is out of the bag, my unit is being tasked with a mission to Iraq.She got a little red eyed I think, but, I paid her no mind. Said the kids ask, but, I don't know what she could tell them. She asked if I was scared. I told her it was a bit scary, but, I wanted to go do it and get it over with. I told her, I would make a point to talk to them before I go.

For the most part it was another weekend in Buttholeville. Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown. I call it that from a Drive By Truckers song. It's fitting. I think all small southern towns have a flair of Buttholeville.To me every thing is out of whack, a lack of harmony. But, talking about that would require alot of discussion.

I was supposed to have a date Friday night...and you thought I sit aound all by my lonsome..well, I kinda do sometimes. The woman was getting weird on me. She's a nice enough person, but, a little bit anxious. I don't want to be like Jello Boy. It's not love but the idea of being in love. It' to the point now, heck has been for sometime, it's alway's the "Us" discussion with him. You know the happy couple stuff that gross's you out. I'm just agrevated with him because he's being a real wuss. He figures he's hopless with out a woman. Don't get me wrong, I would realy like to have one around, I'd like to have someone in my life. At least I think I would sometimes. But, I'm not a hopless nothing as long as I'm me.

Mutual Female Aquantance is a good decent person. She doesn't see herself as being any better than anyone. She told me the other night she was going to find me a Girl Freind. Said that I was too cool not to have one. Law, I wonder if she knows what she would be gettin her into?

It sucks. I've got a sore throat and we have a big projest at work this week. I don't want to let anyone down. I don't like being sick either.

I've done a little thinking. Being a Mil Blog here(and a big platform for Appalachia and the South in general) I've given enough information that someone with sense can figure where I am and then, who I am. But, I'm going to have scrapes with my peers, supperior and subordinate alike and I'll avoid openly embarrassing anyone.(Jello Boy would sulk at what I've said for instance*) As well, how well can I keep this up with my Activation, Train Up and time in the Sand box? What and how much can I say without jepordising the mission? This is something I thought of before I started this and you constantly reasess it. There was a peice in Army Times about it this week. My conscious is my guide(I pray for wisom) and I'm a Non Commissioned Officer first. I will not undermine my mission. I veiw this as an extension of my moral obligation. I want to beat this enemy...I want them to bleed...and gasp their last breath.

*Jello Boy is my cousin for you new comers. You'll have to read back a few to know why I call him Jello Boy. And read my first post, Giduah.
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Working on it...

Just a tad too big.
Appalachian Patria Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just a Post

A Fellar messes up and comment galore! My two fellow Bloggers can rest, I'll fix the thing up tommorow. Bare in Mind...this is a MILBLOG...amongst other things as well. I'm not a news addict spitting out a large amount of group tink or proffesing to be all knowing. I just find so many people out there out of touch with anything other than their corner of earth, I figure, I'll give it a shot.
Anyhow, I know they are dieing to see my charming looks, but, being the nature of this, I'm a tad reluctant to put a genuine picture up there. Actualy I want to put up a pic of my Jungle Boots with my Sig and Jump Wings sitting on them. Now, that's snazzie!
More "I" Word:
Abouty anyone turning on the news the last couple of days has seen this Italian Lady Reprter shot by U.S troops. I like Italian Women..but, anyway...the idea that US Troops fired on her because she was a released hostage is absolutley stupid. According to Neal Boortz she works for a Communist News Paper, if true, she's no fan of Americans. Can we say she was Prejeduce? For what logical reason would we want to shoot a freed hostage? Especialy when PR is as bad as it is? The agent that secured her was most liley a good professional. He may have thoght he was being expected...and wasn't. An obvious lack of communication. Unfortunatly, he paid the price. May the Lord rest his soul. Like my old First Seargent used to say back in the 3/75, "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance". Any Iraqi can tell you, when you see troops, you slow down.
This reporter, in her demntia, has made her mind up she was a target...She is a victim in the chaos of war. It's bad it happened, but, she is just using it for her soap box. To the minds of some it's all logical. We do stupid things, but, we don't do them on purpose.
Bagdahd is over 2,000 sqaure miles in size. I thought Atlanta and Charlotte were bad.
I'm reading T.E Lawrence's "Seven Pillars Of Wisdom". Lawernce Of Arabia doesn't resemble it much.
I was going to say more, but, I'm tired and semi sorta expecting one of my Army Buddies to stop buy with more positive stuff later....I'm off to dream of Wicked Weasel Models...or Italian Women...or both...
Appalachian Intellectual(Snazzie AI to you hipsters)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Defense and National Interest

One of most favored web sites. The other is Wicked Weasel.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Jello Boy Takes a Stand

Last night I was talking with Jello Boy. We hadn't seen one another in a few weeks. Both he and Mutual Female Aquantince went swimming at a local 'Racket Club". One of those indoor gym things...swimming pool and such. After swimming they went to the Suana(feel the heat!) where two men were having a loud conversation. Jello Boy and MFA walked right into it. The subject..."The Locals". "The Locals this...The Locals that." and "My kids are picking up the Local accent", frown. Jello Boy politely introduces himself and informed them that he was born and raised here. They became quiet and never spoke again.

We may be an odd bunch, but, no one is above us.
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Interesting Quotes

"Wisdom hath Builded a house: she hath hewn out her Seven Pillars. Give instruction to a wise man and he will yet be wiser: teach a just man and he will increase in learning."
Proverbs 9:1

"You have such a magnifcent military force, General Powell, why are you so reluctant to use it?"
Then Secretary of State Madeline Albright to then Chairmen Joint Cheif of Staff, Gen. Powell

I meant to tell Ed Abernathy I really dig Fran Drescher.

March came like a lion. Not a big one, but, a lion non the less. Monday's slush gave way to clear, windy and cold. Tuesday clouds hung over the high lonsome and just sat there...left them covered in snow. The Cherokee called March "Wind Moon". Those two words haunt me. I'm writing two books. The first chapter of one is titled Wind Moon. I haven't managed to write much in a while.

I wonder what Frans hair looks like in the wind...
Appalachian Intellectual