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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

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I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Speaking Of Easter

First and for most, Happy Easter. The spring's first full moon came finally. I managed to see it in Seattle, that doesn't always happen. So, once it's here, it's Easter. Easter is a funny sounding word, but it's a sweet word. It can mean allot of things for allot of people. But we all know it's about Jesus and not rabbits. I wonder how rabbits slid into the picture? Oh, well, that's no concern. They're cute and taste good, we'll leave it at that.

A short while ago, on recommendation of my roommate here, I saw the movie Conspirator. Interesting drama. Speaking of Drama, foolishness has given that word a bad name. It made for some good viewing, however. It had a moral, though I can't attest to it's accuracy, that Mary Surratt, owner of the boarding house where the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln was to have been plotted was railroaded by a Military Tribunal. It made me want to learn more.

Speaking of learning, I've been learning more about Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone was a man, he was a big man, but, his debts were bigger than he liked for them to be. As well, there are more fables of Daniel Boone out there than there is truth. He never claimed to have killed more than four Indians in his life and took no pleasure in it. He did travel far, he was born in Pennsylvania, moved to the Yadkin River country of NC, trapsed the Blue Ridge, got lost in Florida, stomped what is now South West Virginia, West Virginia and the eastern half of Kentucky,as a prisoner of the Shawnee's was taken to Detroit. There he feigned loyalty to the Crown in an effort to save his skin and the skin of his kin. I'm yet to finish the book, he's just making it to Missouri, but, I am enjoying the read. I can say this, he was a man, a real man and he lived a rough life and made the best out of it as he could. As a quote from T.E Lawrence I read in Boilerplate over at the Barnes and Noble (killing time so I wouldn't drop a phone call on the folks back home in Easter Dinner) that no one ever writes the truest form of History. That's true. Daniel Boone was an exploited character apparently. And, by the way, I'm reading the biography "Daniel Boone", by John Mack Faragher. An Author with local ties, Robert Morgan, (The Morgan's are the only Welsh family in Transylvania County) wrote one on him too, and I intend to read it as well. Check several source.

Today is cloudy and it drizzled this morning. The last two days were beautiful here in Seattle though. Not a cloud in the sky. I'm listening to Drive By Trucker's "Southern Rock Opera, Act I"

Know the Lord is coming, the South will rise again
The Appalachinist

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Made It

Friday morning we were flying into Atlanta, we were close, the grass was looking blurry and then suddenly, the Pilot pulled it back up. We race tracked around for 15 minutes, taking time away I needed to catch my next flight. Turns out the runway wasn't clear. At least we didn't wind up on the news.

The weather is all dreary out here in Seattle. But, heck, I've seen it cloudy for a month back home and drizzling half the time. And then, I've seen the sun for a month, but not as much as the rain. But, then...Then is the theme of this paragraph in case you can't tell...Maybe I remember the rain more. Yet (you thought I was going to say "then")the weather is a mix up enough back home that such things are easy to remember. Not seeing the sun for a month is the norm here. So, then, if they were to see the sun for a month here these folks would express some form of exclamation.

I have a minor case of jet lag
The Appalachianist

Monday, April 11, 2011

Head West Young Man

It's been a while since I've done this. Heck, it's like old times. Makes me want to stomp and holler.

I'm heading out west for a few weeks. Life on Spanish Oak Branch is about to be on hold. I've been tagged. A unit in the Northwest had a shortage, and well, I qualified. On the 15th of last month I was involuntarily assigned to them for reasons of Mobilization. I'm heading back to the Middle East. Only this time in a support role in Kuwait. Long story there. It was a roller coaster last month, going from you might go, to your off the hook to you are the only one we can send, you can volunteer, but, we're going to send you anyway. You'll be sweating your taxes and I'll be flying to Seattle.

I'll be hanging on to three Dogs. At least I'll try to hang on to three Dogs. I've got a few months to work it out.

God Bless The Angels of Oconee
The Appalachianist