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I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Log Jam Be Dammed

Well, remember the log jam I was talking about (scroll down, I ain't linking at this juncture)is still there, but it's one more step of bureaucracy closer to being gone. My own County Commissioners.

Stay tuned.
The Appalachianist

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Linkaroma, Well, Not Really

Are folks out of touch with anything but their own? I think so, and apparently, I'm not the only one to think so too. Hence this piece on NPR about this fellar, a fellow Libertarian, that wrote a book about it.

This is like linkaroma...

A story I read from back home. Again, next county over, Henderson. Now, let me tell you about the Green River. It goes down the Atlantic side of the mountain and enters the Broad. Don't confuse the Broad with the French Broad. The Broad goes down to the Atlantic and the French Broad is a tributary of the Tennessee. Historical note, the Battle of Cowpens was fought on the Green River Road. The Green River Bridge on I-26 is the tallest (so I've heard, shoot me in comments if I'm wrong) in the eastern US. But, off on Pintacle Mountain is a logging project that, well, read the story.

I need more links...Well, maybe I don't.

One of my buddies got a letter from a 9 year old girl today. I guess from a school project. She asked allot of questions, one of which..."What's your favorite thing about the war?"

One of my favorite Authors is John Ehle. He is from Asheville but he doesn't live there. He wrote The Winter People and another story, The Journey of August King.
He also wrote a good book on the Trail of Tears. Both The Winter People and The Journey of August King were made into movies. But, we will concern ourselves with The Journey of August King. It was made back in the mid 90's in Western North Carolina. A girl I worked with was an extra in it. Allot of scenes on Black Balsam Knob with a clear shot of Sam's Knob...Big Sam, Little Sam, the place folks call The Grave Yard Fields. They used those places as a community setting, and it ain't suitable to a community. One scene had a Red Bone Hound with a freeze brand. So, you can see, I don't think they did a good job of making it. (The Winter people had a better budget, they landed Kurt Russell)It's a good story though. Now, I admit, I've never read the book. I have The Winter People and my mother gave me an old tattered and battered copy that I was reading for the flight back across the water. Another admission...I just saw the movie for the first time night before last. Yep...Well, about the time it came out, I was never confronted by the opportunity to see it. About the time it came out on DVD, OK, Video at the time, I met a pretty girl and fell in Love. You'd think I would have watched it with her? but, for whatever reason, it wasn't well known. I didn't even know it was a John Ehle story. Well, the tattered and battered copy of The Winter People was dropped in the Atlanta Air Port and not recovered. So, I ordered a new copy and well, there was The Journey of August King.

It's a story about a widower helping a run away slave girl.

And it's time to stop typing.
The Appalachianist

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