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I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Death of Liberty

Your dieing America. Slowly. Just like Rome. When in Rome do as the Romans and perish with them as well. We don't have a grasp of our founding principles. Until we do regain a grasp, that's what we can expect. "What goes wrong your causing it to drown".

People complain about the Bush administration, and with good reason. But then some of it is like saying, "If I had gone out with Jill, I wouldn't be unhappy with Jan"... I believe no matter who else was in the White House we would be where we are at today. Jill and Jan are twins...One wears tight jeans and the other a mini skirt, other wise they are just alike. You've got to steer your own course and let the twins ride along. They will wise up after a while.

The Dow is down and Al Gores power bill is up.

Now, I'm no guru to the cause. I can see a remedy, but I can't name the ingredients. We, as a people better figure it out. "Reality, it burns ". So, we best take a good look at where we came from and where we're going.

Alright, you got me on my soap box this time...
The Appalachianist

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Contracts, what can you do?

I figured you'll would get a kick out of this picture after our Tutu conversation. A certain someone with a feline associated nick name e-mailed me pictures of pigs in Tutu's. I think this is better than pork in pink. Those boots can't be comfortable. That's like cheating. Nice strong legs.

Some one is going to get a Medal for this. I've had three flat tires in three weeks, and I've had an accident twice with an Iraqi in a months time. One backed into the truck I was driving while I was checking Radio Logs inside their TOC. It damaged the hood, and the head lights were knocked in, but everything was pretty much OK. There is a problem though. Some one at the Iraqi Ministry Of Defense decided Nissan trucks should come off of the list of vehicles that the National Maintenance Contractor can work on. It's said that it was costing a million dollars a month to work on these vehicles. Now, suddenly, the contractor is no longer allowed to fix them, and, there are no parts. Getting them fixed is at the mercy of the Iraqi army, which is willing, but shade tree at best. Saving money...While vehicles fall into decline quickly needing replaced. An American had to be behind it and they will get a medal for saving money.

The other day some Armored HMVEE's went out, two to a flat bed, not chained down. They were only going a short distance to a staging area, but still... My Guards were making them roll out that way. I put a stop to it. I told them if it falls off and the Contractor delivering the vehicles had not yet signed for it then it would cost the Iraqi Army allot of money. I didn't go on to say that means it cost the American Tax payer allot of money. But, it worked, they fixed it.

I've heard rumor KBR has lost the contract here in Iraq. The subcontracted companies, such as RMS will stay most likely, if it's true. It's said working for them is not all it's cracked up to be. Most anyone I know that has worked for them say they would not go back to them. And, they are here now working for someone else. They are a very capable company though.

It's getting a little green in places, where grass can grow. Only in small patches. It's hitting the mid 70's everyday. We got hit with an unexpected day of rain. It' feels like May back home.

I know my posting is falling behind. I'm not apologizing though...Don't post for the sake of posting. I've discovered there are Hunting and Belly Dancing videos on YouTube.

Yeah, you'll got a kick out of the Tutu's
The Appalachianist

Sunday, February 18, 2007

All Backwards and Dysfunctional

A few nights ago the Air Force MSgt and Marine Lt. caught some Jundis sound asleep on post (I've woken up more US Guards than Iraqi myself). The Jundis got in trouble for it of course. They were about to get kicked out of the Army, but got extra duty instead. The morning after the day shift Guards that I work with were saying one had taken Valium for hemorrhoids. WTF? "Valium?", I asked. "You don't need Valium for that, they make a cream. Where did he get this?" The clinic they told me. Later that day I spoke to the Air Force Major that advises at the Iraqi Medical Clinic..."Oh no, my guy's are better than that! They will take anything they get their hands on." A pill is a pill to them and there is a pill for everything. It's either that or they just fell asleep.

We convinced them to do a Radio Check every hour...The guy that was knocked out for three days, he will do one every half hour sometimes. I can't get him to stop. at least he's doing it.

You'll know I'm into that "Hick N Roll". "Hill Billy Grunge", or "Gritty Mountain Rock". You can order something through Amazon and get here in a week or less. I got the new Southern Bitch, Strong Medicine, which I am listening to as I write. It's as good but not as spoken out as Snake In The Grass. Which is fine, but indoctrinate yourself in Political Reality and listen to Mark of the Beast. Another good band of that nature out now is....No, not The Drive By Truckers, but yes, them...The Dexateens. Just listen to Naked Ground..."Selling Holy Land for a slice of the pie"...Sounds like Appalachia...

Poor old Appalachia, being whittled away into sprawl, "Exclusive" Gated Communities and Meth Labs. No one grows corn on the river any more. They grow Sod for Suburbanites to put between their concrete. Private Forest Land is disappearing right along with our independent spirit. "It's only like this 'cause we made it this way."

The other morning I sat in an S2 Brief at BDOC. The Chaplain gave a quote..."If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow", John Wayne.

It's all backwards and dysfunctional
The Appalachianist

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post 290

I can't say I feel bad. I didn't work out yesterday night, the night before I wasn't in any stride. When I do Card and Abs I do 30 minutes on the Stair Stepper ad 30 on the Elyptical. I usually hit just under the equivalent of 4 miles with the Elyptical, doing 2 miles in about 15:25. I was 20 seconds behind that yesterday night. Tonight I did 4.5 miles in 30 minutes, doing 2 in 14:26. I believe I burned about 378 calories according to the read out. This is after doing 30 minutes on the Stair Stepper (240+ calories is all I know, didn't pay much mind) and 50 Inclined Crunches. Some days your better than others. I don't mean to brag, but it feels pretty good.

After I had been here a couple of months the 172nd Brigade was extended four months and brought down from Mosul. They lived in the Gym trying to make time go quicker. You couldn't hardly get in there for them, and, you couldn't blame them. It sucked to be them. That and working longer hours when I first got here kept me from going. Now I'm making time go quicker. By all indications I'm under 100 days left....Just knocked on wood. You do that allot here. And, you never say never.

I learned today that someone I met briefly a few months back got blew up yesterday. I was in BIAP on my way home for two weeks. I had to go to the terminal only to be told to go back and stay at "The Stables", a collection of sand bagged tents and cots. I was waiting for the bus to take me there and saw a Security Contractor that ran some convoy's to us. They were doing a PSD Run to Abu Grhaib. He said they would drop me off (He owed me a favor) and I hopped into one of the trucks. It was driven by an EXPAT American that I had not met. Nice feller, he had no attitude about going a little out of the way for me. He was listening to Nickel Back and the Kurdish Trigger Pullers were grinning at me. When they pulled off I wondered for a few seconds if I had somehow messed with their fate...That was in October. Today I learned the guy that drove that truck got hit a little north of here. A South African guy was with him and two Kurds killed. He and the South African were Airlifted to Germany. Nice feller.

That night at The Stables I talked with a 20 year old Medic that had to scoop his buddies intestines out of a Gun Truck trying to save his life while under fire. He didn't realize he had been wounded too until he got to the CASH. He was fine though. That's War.

I have another post under construction I just don't have the ending direction with it. I don't know when I'll post it. Don't get ancie and bug me about it.

The Appalachianist

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Marked Time

Things happen here. Some of our Iraqis were ambushed trying to take home their money. They were hit with an IED, then Small Arms Fire (SAF). One died in the hospital day before yesterday. He ran the “Super Market”, where The Ladies Man buy’s his cologne…that he sprayed in my face. The shop keeper was fussing at me because we used his place for Guard Mount in the rain and we tracked in mud. He’s dead now. Another has relentlessly been bothering me for a pill to make him stop snoring. They think there is a pill for everything and we can just go get it. America is a great big super market of your whims. I had heard he was gut shot, but, turns out the concussion of the IED knocked him out cold for three days. He’s complaining his head hurts, and doesn’t remember too much. He didn’t ask me for a pill today.

The terp I’ve been using the last couple of weeks is such a wimp. He’s a great guy. Sadly his Uncle was kidnapped a few days ago and hasn’t turned up yet. He liks the name “Jack”, I call him Billy Jack. Some of my comrades give him hard time because he married his cousin in an arranged marriage. Well, he couldn’t find a wife…But, it’s their society, and as much as I see the bad results of such practices, I on’t say a word. I’m not to judge. The other day I was off. He asked me how much sleep I got, about seven hours I told him. “No, you need fifteen or twenty on your day off”…I’m always having to tell him to catch up. He drags his feet worse than my Step Son when he was 12. But, He’s honest. Ask him what graffiti says and he will tell you straight up. He’s Suni, doesn’t mind the Shia other than minding him. He has no faith in the new government. His family fled the country, and are now being sent back. He’s skinny as a rail but, take him in the chow hall and he’s stuffing his pockets. I’m driving a truck that has an FM radio in it until mine might be fixed (that is a SNAFU, I won’t explain today). He switches the station to an Iraqi one, sings along explains the songs to me and brags on how pretty the woman singing is. Like Nancy. Va Va Voom…

That’s your snap shot of Iraq. I broke through seven months on the 9th. I’m now starting my eighth month.

Now, twice this last couple of week I have dreamed about Guns. First an M1 Garand, and last night a Mini 14. Which I liked, but it was .223, which I didn’t like. At first I told myself the ammunition is readily available, then I said I wanted a bigger bullet, so I went for one in 7.63x39mm. That’s about all I remember. What is unique is hey both have a Garand action.
Now Twister offered to sell me his M1A Scout in lieu of me buying a SOCOM 16 (Garand Actions again). At one point he wanted me to drive to Tennessee to get one. I came a hair from ordering one down at Marcums (that’s a Gun Store in Buttholeville for you non Strangeylvanians) but, my Power Of Attorney Brother is out of state and I wasn’t going to make him go through picking it up. This is when I as on leave…As far as I plan my “to me for me love me gift” will be a SOCOM 16…I may go deaf.

Posts stop here, comments begin.
The Appalachianist…AKA AI.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Alright You'l

Alright, all you Heathens. We're beating a dead horse on the below post. I just ain't ready for 40 commenets yet...even if it's taken a week. I just haven't had it in me to tap out the next post.

Remember the Drive by Truckers, "Just cause I don't run my mouth don't mean I got nothing to say".

Now, I appreciate you'l. Don't get me wrong...
The Appalachianist

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slobbering Hounds

Back in 1986 I rolled a Monticarlo. The thing was totaled and everyone was surprised I lived. I rolled at 45MPH. Long story. All I could hear besides the banging metal was the song on the radio…”She’s an easy lover”. I didn’t hurt nobody. I walked away.

I got clipped by an Iraqi in a semi and drug fifteen feet backward. All I could hear was other Iraqis yelling and me laying on the horn for him to stop. It’s drivable, but going to the shop. My Brother brought up the Monticarlo. I ain’t thought of that in years. Thanks Bro.

The Iraqi MP’s came to investigate, complete with four guy’s with AK’s and a PKM Gunner.

Happiness is when your Iraqi’s bring you Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) they found first thing in the morning. Something that could have went out on the market or to the insurgents. That stuff keeps popping up like wild flowers.

Unhappiness is when two Jundis get into a fight trying to hit each other with AK’s loaded with live rounds. Others grabbed them and I threw my 9mm into red status just in case. My counterpart separated them. The Iraqi Col. Took care of it. Supposedly the whole thing was over talking trash over the radio. Sticks and stones doesn’t play in this society. Anything for drama. Now, they take their weapons as soon as they get relieved from post.

Well the Chief Of Police kept the crime off the streets deep in his heart we all knew he felt differently, we all knew he was an anarchist”.

While Iraqi’s may be very dramatic people, they are also very polite (in formal way’s) and concerned for friends. Chaos rules the day though. I think of 4th Generation Warfare, what you have here, much less around the world, and it’s inciting of chaos. It’s a form of getting what you want through making things unstable. People will do it to each other. They will impose chaos in any given relationship to keep someone in a certain position of instability. It’s the cruelty of manipulation, a sick way of keeping attention. That’s some of what happens here. Some of the killing is tribal, some ethnic/religious…Some just plain meanness.

Enough of Iraq. I’m here every day. I should talk about better things, like Women’s Lingerie again. Red’s a nice color too. Well, all colors are pretty nice when it comes to that.

Me and a buddy from Montgomery Alabama were talking today. I was telling him about the time I drew my pistol on my room mate, great guy. He was working grave yards and I slept with my door open when he was gone. My room was right next to the front door. I had just dozed off when I heard something like the door getting jimmied and then it flew wide open. I had had some trouble with a girl I had gone out with once and the guy she got engaged to. Long Story. I thought that’s who it was. In an instant I was sitting straight up in bed with my .45 bearing down on my room mate. He’s standing there telling me he was broke down and needed help. My heart was pounding…I have that Sig and there ain’t no safety. Just your wits and discipline.

My Ex would call my name out before going into the room if I was asleep. We hadn’t been living together for long when she startled me after I had gone to sleep and I came up at her with my fist balled up. I thought it was her Ex busting in. He let us be though. Later there got to be so much darn commotion in the house I learned to live with it. She’d still call my name though.

How could a year last so fucking long?...Well round and round she goes. Where she'll stop nobody knows. Y'know that woman put a spell on me, but if you start me, start
me, start me you can't stop me, stop me, stop me

Me and the Montgomery boy were talking. We’re about to start getting short. Going home is starting to peak on the horizon. We were talking about what we will do. All I know is I’ll take Terminal Leave, go and give my employer an idea when I’ll come back to work. By Law, I’ll have 90 day’s. He’s wanting to start driving west and keep going. Just drive around the country. He’s single. I thought once I’d head out and hunt Milk River Montana. Then, I figured no. I’d finally invest in a pair of Bear Dogs and a SOCOM16. I’d get more longevity out of the three. Ray was wanting me to go hunt Colorado with him last year. I told him, I’d be here. Maybe I will go out there with him. But that coincides with Bear and Hog Season. I told Montgomery boy to just come on up to the house. I hope he don’t come in Hunting Season. Just joking.

I got the feeling I'll be in a field of flowers, my head in someones lap and slobbering hounds running around us. But, not during Hunting Season...

From the Great Blue Hills Of God to Mesopotamia,
The Appalachianist