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I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bear Dogs

Bear Dogs. A Plott Hound on the left and a Black n Tan on the right.

Bear and Hogs
The last two Saturday's have been fun day's. No one in the Hunting Party got anything, but a good time was had none the less. Once last Saturday we let the Dogs loose on what was thought to be a Bear and then yesterday we let them go twice. Once we thought a Walker Hound had something "tree'd" down below us. We did find an empty cave the Hogs had stayed in. The second time the dogs were let loose and then found a scent. They lost it on a warmer side of the ridge. I suppose you need an explanation. Here is how it works, an area with good Bear sign (or Wild Hog sign) is picked out. At daylight when the ground is at it's coolest Dogs are led on leads along an old road bed, trail or through open ground. The lead Dog is the "Strike Dog", this is the Dog with the best nose, thus, "Striking up a scent". The Strike Dog either catches a scent or you have them put their nose down in sign(generally a print) and if it's "Hot", then they start throwing a fit. You can bring another Dog up and see if it takes the scent too. The Dogs are let loose and depending on how many Dogs you have or how you feel about the scent you can hold onto some. Any more, and for good reasons, Dogs wear Tracking Collars. Some one will have a good direction and distance on the Dogs. The others take out either behind the Hounds or try to head off and meet up when something "tree's". There is also a terrain method of this. This requires good planning and "Actionable Intelligence". Hunters will sit on key terrain where a Bear or what have you would most likely run, such as a Gap(saddle terrain feature). Once the hounds start the chase the men move along the terrain to either head it off or meet up with what is tree'd. Usually a fight between the Bear or Hog ensues. Of course those can be bad. Of course it's tried to keep it from being too bad. Hunters care about their Dogs and if something happens to one it's a greiful thing. They will also go to great lengths to doctor them up. So, that's a very Basic Bear Hunting with Hounds.

Kinda Spooky
We hunted over Twister's way. I came back across the Mountain last night using back roads. I came up on a pick up truck that had went off the side of the road bank and into a tree. It was sitting almost on it's side and for all I knew someone was dead inside. There was no sign of anyone and I turned the truck around in the road with my lights shining on it. It was a darn good placed to get Ambushed. There is a Lake up the other side of that Mountain with lot's of wealthy people living around it. One could be coming up from Franklin and be a prime target. Someone could easily rush out of the woods, tackle them and take what they want. There is no Cell Phone signal and no houses for a way's. So as I turn around I'm scanning the wood line. I took the keys out of my ignition and payed attention to my mirrors. I checked it with my Pistol in one hand and my Cell in the other. There was no one inside. The Air Bag on the drivers side had deployed the seat was forward and the door was locked. I wasn't sure why they had ran off the road there. It wasn't quite to the curve, a sharp upward climbing "Horse Shoe" curve. The Highway Patrol had apparently put a sticker in the window for abandoned vehicles at some time and they tried to peel it off. I hadn't passed anyone coming up the Mountain and didn't for a long way's. It was miles before I seen anyone. They may have walked down or up to a house, but there was several possibilities. I wasn't sure if the Highway Patrol or the County Sheriff knew about it. I drove for a long way and never got a Cell Phone signal and being there was no one hurt inside and the Authorities may know, I didn't bother any houses that time of night. I stopped at a another County's precinct station and told them about it. That Deputy didn't hardly want to pay me much attention, I suppose because I wore Camo and didn't have Breast.

A funny thing. I passed a Church where someone had drove off of the parking lot and was sitting nose first in the ditch of the Highway. A car or two had their lights shining on it from the parking lot waiting on a wrecker I reckon. Kinda something wouldn't you say?

That's enough for now,
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hill Billy Rave I

You want Plott Hounds and Black & Tans howling across mountain sides. You want Blood Trails and a cornered Hog or treed Bear. You want hot Gun Barrels...All the thrill of the chase. Your not getting it. Not now.

Under My Radar
Follow my directions. Create a new window in your browser. If you don't know how to, go to File and figure it out. Once you have that turn up your volume and Click Here. On your right you will see a "Pureplayer". Click the bottom listing. With that accomplished come back to the browser with this page. You won't get the full effect if you don't.
Twister complained to me that he received a letter from The Macon County Board of Elections stating that The Libertarian Party was being taken off of the Ballot. We both agreed to check into it. Little did I know that while I was away at Ft.McClellan I received the same letter from The Transylvania County Board of Elections. When I got back I sorted through my mail picking out financial things and setting the rest aside(Junk was thrown out of course). The letter was covered up and I found it last night. It stated that The Libertarian Party did not receive enough votes to be on the Ballot and I had six weeks to affiliate myself with a party or I would be registered as "Unafilliated". A quick check to The Libertarian Party of North Carolina revealed that they are suing the State over the issue. We're being taken off of the Ballot despite 13,000 registered Libertarians.
To say the least I'm "Unafiliated" at the moment. This is nothing more than a modern day Jim Crow Law designed to give the Republicrats a Monopoly on Politics in the State. Let's see here, you can vote for the Left Wing Socialist and his Cultural Marxism dogma or the Knee Jerker and his Pseudo Conservativism. Heck of a choice. Well having to choose between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, both undermining the Constitution(One blantantly and the other unknowingly) is not what I consider healthy for my country. Now taking I did vote for President Bush as did many of my fellow Libertarians, sKerry was too close for comfort. But, 13,000 registered Libertarians?
I'm not about to take it laying down. Raleigh is in for a fight.
A Great American
Who says that "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History"? Rosa Parks was a genuine Lady, humble but strong. She didn't give her seat up and I wouldn't either. The above statement only shows the left's idea of "Well Behaved" is standing in line keeping your mouth shut. Rest in Peace Rosa.

As for the first little paragraph...Back for the attack Saturday!

Four Nineteen you'l
Appalachian Intellectual

Friday, October 21, 2005


Earlier, discussing Kingdom of Heaven comments were made about the French and their blunders in War. People always make jokes, calling them "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys" and so on. Though that was not what was said. Someone who has genuinely studied WWII and the development of tactics during that era has a better understanding. The French fought and had every intention of fighting, yet were out classed by The Germans tactics. Not equipment...Tactics. Here is an article on the subject. Something that we should bare in mind.

Bird Flu or Buck fever, which is worse?
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm heading on a Hog Hunt Saturday with Twister. I'm taking my Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight (.308 Winchester) and my 12 Gauge Remington Model 29 pump. We're hunting with Dogs and the rule is no Buck Shot with Dogs. I'll be shooting slugs in the Shotgun if I opt for it.
So, here is a story of two hunters...First my Aunt's Boyfreind went Monday morning for the opening of Bear Season. He sat up on a Bear he had seen while Bow Hunting for Deer. I know exactly where he was at. I went up in there with him on the last day of season last year. It's affectionately known as Doe Day(here is the day after). It was dead, hardly seen a living thing all day long. Only a Bird right before dark. So, he goes up there and shoots a Bear first thing. Who say's you can't stand hunt a Bear? Him and my Aunt left first thing Tuesday for Colorado.
I went squirrel Hunting after work Tuesday. There were Acorns falling from the trees all around me. I thought I heard a rustle with one that fell wich usually indicates a squirrel. I stood there on the road and waited. No. Nothing there. I heard one barking about a hundred yards or so off. There was a Katydid yelling between me and it. So, I walk along the road and get to the slope it's on and it stops barking. There aren't many Katydids left now, but, they started yelling and the squirrels turned in early.
I'm planning on enjoying this years hunting season. Every indication is that next year I'll be in Iraq. If we invaded them for oil, that oil is damn sure expensive.

That's a Christams Tree Feild that you are looking at. The Trees are White Pines. The picture is a couple of years old. I shot a Deer in that feild once. Almost behind where I was standing. It's just a pretty picture.

Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The French Broad River, Transylvania County NC. Posted by Picasa

Kingdom Of Heaven

You can survive just about anything. You can survive against impossible odds. That is if you know how to use what you have. Your outcome may not be what you first thought it would be, but, if you survive on your own terms, then not all is lost. That is something I for myself have learned through some(I hate to use this word) painful experiences. I think the movie Kingdom Of Heaven illustrates that well. The defenders of then Christian held Jerusalem fought against Saladin's, Muslim Army inflicting such casualties that before certain defeat they were allowed to leave safely. Jerusalem fell to the Muslims, but, the defenders would have perished anyway. They fought and survived on their own terms. I recommend getting the DVD. The two pack. It has Historical notes, saying what is true and made up. As well a History Channel "History Verses Hollywood". Actually seeing the movie was a homework assignment from my 26 day's at Ft. McClellan. We had an orientation on Iraq and the Intelligence Specialist recommended it.

Speaking Of Ft. McClellan...
While I was at Ft. McClellan Alabama during August and September and of course we had Huricane Katrina, it was proposed to send Refugee's from New Orleans to live in the old vacant barracks that sit over on the Civilian Side.* Once, when I was a Drill sergeant I had "pushed troops" for a couple of weeks in one. That was back before the post was shut down. There was a big effort to clean the buildings up by a group of volunteers. During the clean up mold was found in the buildings so that slowed down the housing of the displaced of New Orleans. At the time of my leaving, mid September, cleaning was still in progress. They were expecting a thousand or so people. They didn't hardly get that many. According to two different articles that my dad E-Mailed me there are only about 160 souls living there. FEMA signed a two year contract for the buildings and some from New Orleans that went to California may end up there. The cost of living is cheaper. It's funny. Not enough response with a little over kill.

Bosco is going crazy, something is in the yard....what ever it was she ran it off. Tomorrow is Bear Season you know.

I Never Saw...
You DBT fans can finish that sentence...Almost. I have saw Lynard Skynard. I had never saw Southern Culture on The Skids until Friday night. I was supposed to see them twice. The first time my Ex got real sick, so I stayed at home with her. She urged me to go on, with Horse Slayer**, but, I didn't want to go without her. I should have went anyway. The second time was during Bele Cher*** year before last. I was supposed to meet Twister*x4 up there. Well, the boy was a no show. I didn't feel like hanging around Bele Cher all by my self. We had met there the night before and you can only take so much of the Festival scene anyway. So, Friday night the band was playing and pretty girls were dancing on the stage throwing fried chicken(Bojangles) at everyone. You should have been there.

* Ft. McClellan was closed in a high profile closure in the late 90's. The property was sold to the city of Anniston Alabama for practicaly nothing. Only a small area is now used for the National Guard.
**the boy hit a horse at 0200 with a 71 Barracuda. He's in jail now, but, that's another story.
***a big street festival in Asheville NC.
*x4 he's an old buddy of mine from way back in 3rd Ranger Bn. RLTW Bro's!
I did all of this stuff for you newbies...I know your out there...

Go now, and if you get into a fight...Survive on your own terms!
Appalachian Intellectual

Balancing Things Out

After what Murf did, I have to even it out.

Appalachian Intellectual,

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Might Gross You Out

We found this Doe a little way's below The East Fork. Apparently she got caught in the snag when the river was up, in other words, the level and current were up. We stopped to investigate, our first thought being she had either been dumped there or died of wounds. About that time we were passed by a couple in a canoe and then some young girls in kayaks. They looked at us like we were strange. Jello Boy brought up that we tend to have a thing for dead deer. I added, and getting dirty looks from girls too. My mother ran over a Deer Christmas Morning. I mean right over it. Her and the car were fine, but, the Deer, a Doe, was dead. Me and Jello went down there in my truck and threw it on the back. She had blood coming out of her nose reminiscent of Rudolph and her mid section was bad. Still we salvaged some of the meat. As were hauling it back up the Four Lane we were passed by a van with a little girl say eight years old in it. She looked at us with a sever "Go To Hell Look".
Any way, this Deer didn't stink that bad.

My Agenda
It's almost Hunting Season, actualy it is. This week was Muzzle Loading Season the one before was Bow Season(I'm talking Deer). Next week opens Bear and Squirel with Bow Season for Deer opening back up. I plan on hitting the woods for both, other than Bow Hunting. Maybe I should get back into Bow Hunting. Gun Season for Deer opens the Week of Thanksgiving. What's this mean to you? Nothing as far as I know.

Books Better Read
If your Military(you Civvies would benefit too, if your inot Strategy and such) I highly suggest the book I finished the other day. The Sling and The Stone, by Col. TX Hammes, USMC. It discusses 4th Generation Warfare(4GW) and explores or Nations(USA) options in dealing with the threat of 4GW. I agree with the Col. about 90% of the time. He does an excellent job of pointing the failures of theNet Centric Wafare theory. He mainly calls for reforms in our personl system. If you glean anything from it, you will at least learn how Arafat blew Intafada II. Sorry, it doesn't have any pictures in it.

Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"In A Big Country..."

This is looking up stream on The French Broad River near Rosman NC. It's a unique, it flows north and is said to be the worlds third oldest river. The Cherokees didn't have a name for it, nor any other river. They only referred to it by place names in different sections. Jello Boy and myself took a canoe down it from Rosman to Hannah Ford. That's where Bunker Hill is at that I told you about in The Walton War. That's about 7 1/2 miles, a 2 1/4 hour trip. It had been raining for a couple of day's and the weather broke just perfect long enough for us to go down the section we did.

DUI's And The Mopeds They Rode In On
You don't need a license to ride a moped. That's why when someone gets a DUI they end up cruising along at 35 mph sounding as if a weed eater is winding out underneath them. Well, we have a few around here. There is this colored feller, he rides side saddle. Always on the left side. Sometimes he has both hands on the bars, but mostly just one. I haven't seen him in a while, I hope he didn't lose his balance.
We have another one you see more often. I call him Moped Man. When Moped man rides, there is nothing but him and the wind and you see him all over the county. He rides a shiny yellow one, decked out in sun glasses and a tank top. A helmet too. He reminds you of Dale on King Of The Hill. Now, I've never met the man, never heard him say a word. It's just him and the wind because he unemotionally rides down the road, nothing phasing him, head and eyes straight ahead...Just him and the wind. He skids to a stop at red lights...Head and eyes straight ahead...Waiting for the wind. Now, I saw him Saturday after going down the river. Ol' JB was behind me, he is my witness. Moped Man is winding out down the highway, alone in the wind and he's being passed by a couple of cars. Low and behold one is The Back To The Future mobile. I'm a looking at this thing as I pass it thinking My Goodness. Not Moped Man, head and eyes straight ahead...Just him and the wind.
Once, me and that girl I lived with were going down the highway on a stormy night. We were coming on a place called Cherryfeild Straights. The State keeps a gravel pile there. There's blue lights flashing all around the gravel pile and we're thinking there might be a wreck or something. When we get to the gravel pile we see two Cop Cars, a shiny yellow moped and a man standing out in the pouring rain touching his fingers to his nose...Yes, people, it happened right here in Strangelvania.

My Breif Absence
I've been trying t post, but, Hello was giving me trouble, and I kept getting knocked off line. Turns out I had a short in my phone line. The fine folks at the Phone company squared me away though. Also, the DSL line at work was down this morning. And you thought I fell off the side of the earth!

More to come you silly Heathens!
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pelham Range, Alabama

This is a Machine Gun/MkIV Range on Pelham Range, Alabama. The MkIv(Mark4) is an Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher. Down range there are some hulks of shot up vehicles. The firing line isthe road towards the bottom of the picture. That way they can shoot from vehicles. Such Ranges typacaly shoot inot an "Impact Zone" shared with other Ranges. The Ranges on just about any post are ran by Range Control, usualy a mix of Military and Civilian personell. Range Control on Pelham Range is ran by Ft. McClellan. The two are seperated by several miles. It's more adjacent to Anniston Army Depot. WHat is left for the Military on Ft. McClellan is actualy very little. It's more so a small Contonement Area. Back to Range Control. Ft. McClellan's Range Control is one of the most cooperative I've seen. They have a pretty down home attitude. Unfortunatly, with some facilities it's a power game. Not in Alabama.

Sinve the lions share of Ft. McClellan was handed over to the City Of Anniston, the MOUT Site I wrote of ealier, the property line ends at the wood line. The Gaurd is trying to purchase adjacent land to it.Posted by Picasa

Off to work
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Wanna Be Sedated

I love it. What's The Rock Station playing this morning when I crawl out of the rack?...The Ramones, "I Wanna Be Sedated"! That's the feeling I get when I watch ABC News lately. It's also the feeling us Mountain People get when we get behind someone from Florida on these roads.

I was eating at a restaraunt with Girl Of Latley(way back in spring, if she's reading this she knows the time) and she's talking to me...I look around and the place is full of upper middle aged people staring seriously into the plates. They had been playing "hit's of the 80's" real down low. And what hit are they playing? The Ramones, "I Wanna Be Sedated". Yep, America's greatest Punk Band.

You have to hand it to a Punk Rocker who say's one of his influences was The Beach Boy's.

Hey Ho let's Go!
Appalachian Intellectual

Monday, October 03, 2005

Drill Notes

It was a long weekend. I did manage to accomplish some things though.

I spent most of Saturday submitting for a Security Clearance. I had one, but, it had expired some years ago. Answering about the last seven years of your life can be time consuming. It was aggravating. Fill out the electronic form, verify information..None of it would verify. You would have to go and fix this and that...Every thing would be right, but, you had to do it twice for it to verify. Finally it did.

"Left my girl way out west...Thought this Army life was the best....
Now she's someone else's wife...And I'll be in the Army the rest of my life"

All of those times singing that I never thought it would be true. I re-up'd. That means reenlisting. It was an Indefinate Reenlistment, they can keep me until I'm 60, reach max years of service(that would be 2015 for me now) or I call it quits and there is no stop loss. No bonus, just a carry on bag that says Army(the kind they tell you not to travel with for security reasons) a mug, pen and key chain. I got into it with the Reenlistment NCO. I had to make copies of the nescarsary documents. It was the first time I had to do my own documentation when it's available on a computer! Well, I shouldn't worry with it again.

I turned in a uniform for a new one. With out asking, my Supply Sgt squared me away. She filled out a request for a new issue. The whole thing, minus the boots. Which is good, my stuff is getting pretty wore out and what is new I purchased myself. My best socks are the non issue Thor Lows. An excellent sock.

It was 1715(5:15pm) when We were released and I didn't get home until 2030(8:30pm). Then it was back at work at 0600 Monday morning. It's 0510 and I'm at work on a spare few minutes now.

I never sleep worth a darn down there, unless I'm wore the slap out. I was awake at 0330 Sunday morning. Some one down the hall way had a TV on...Being used to sleeping off in the woods by myself that kept me awake. We did our first APFT(Physical fitness test) of the year. After doing my push up's it occurred to me that I had jumped up an age group. I didn't have to do as many to pass, and, since the whole thing goes on repetitions makes points, doing the same as last year, I scored higher. No big deal, but, I needed it on the run. My feet felt like bricks and I had no energy.(for some reason no one did as well as they usually do...Phase of the moon, I don't know) I had went off and left my shoes at home and bought an el cheapo pair at Wal March. They were not broken in or anything. But, hey. I passed. I'll do something I feel better with next time.

Political news
Ok. Judge Roberts seems like a good choice to be on the Supreme Court. Maybe there is hope(you know my song). But, this new lady the Presidnet picked out...Couldn't she have a little less eye liner?

Celebrity News
Angelina Jolie or however she spells it. Bla Bla Bla...She's all you hear about. Yea, she's a hottie. But what's up with her alleged bo' Bradd Pitt. Jennifer Anniston is the better all around hottie. Now if I could see someone else's face in the Check Out line.

Time to go
Appalachian Intellectual ...