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Appalachian Intellectual. To me that means plain thinking. I am A Non Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserves. Let me say...My views expressed here are mine and not those of The U.S. Army, Army Reserve or my fellow brethren in The National Guard. This is entirely Sua Sponte. This is My Thinking. I'm single and in my mid 30's. Politicaly, I'm a Libertarian. (Again, Sua Sponte.I do not represent the Libertarian Party.)I love my native Appalachia, Rock n Roll and...I love God.

Location: Brevard, North Caroilina

I started blogging for two reasons. I was concerned about the changes to the area I live in, Southern Appalachia and I was about to go to the war. I was in Iraq in 06 and 07 and now Kuwait in 11 and 12. Blogging was a means of documenting my experiences and hoping it would help gain clarity. I don't feel that way about it any more. It's said people write blogs because they are frustrated, that's why people read them too. That makes us sound apocalyptic. Are we? Let it be said, what I say here is of my own thinking. This is entirely Sua Sponte and not an official representation of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government as a whole.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Good To Be Back

I got home last night just in time for snow. It's been a pretty slush.

There are quite a few things for me to say. I won't say it all. I checked in a Government Computer and it was usualy on my way back to the Cabin we rented. So, I didn't make posts. I wasn't able to keep up with anyone much either.

My Call
As from the previous post you know of my close call with Activaton/Mobilazation. Comparing notes with some of the others that got the call we were all single with no dependants. One of my good buddies is more qaulified than me, probably the most qaulified in the whole Battallion. They were't looking for qaulifications, they were looking for less red tape. Single Soldiers are cheaper, and considered to deploy quick with less hastle, I.E. pack your bags and go.
I was asked if I wanted to go. How do I answer that? I made a breif attempt to Rena. Over the week I had a few conversations on the subject. I think I can best put it into words now more than then. One of my buds put it well... There is a guy leaving the unit. He is transfering to a National Gaurd Unit now preparing for deployment. He's a darn fine fellar...A genuine good guy. I had confided in my said buddy that I'm afraid this boy is going to get a big awakening once he get's to Iraq. "Yep, this is the type of situation you don't want to run into with piss and vinegar." Put very well, by one good Soldier. A fellow former Ranger.
Now, another comment by another good buddy...a Vietnam veteran on the verge of retirement. We had seen on the news how one guy had "saw his death in Iraq". This guy left tapes secretly made the night before he left. The next day this one buddy said, "That guy last night that made the don't want to go with that attitude. That's the wrong attitude. I've got a nack for surviving. I could tell when I was about to step on something".
A long time ago...when I was that 19 year old PFC my 1st Seargent, who had been a Ranger in Vietnam said..."When your going(to war) you know it could's in your mind. You don't want to dwell on it, you have to have the attitude that your going to survive".
Not wanting to go puts you on the defensive. You don't want a defensive attitude. It's kind of like going on a date with a defensive attitude. It's not going to get you anywhere, but, hurt. A Soldier's self value is in his job. Actually doing your job validates your cause. It gives you a purpose.
Purpose...I understand enough about the situtation to know, that, in my opinion, we as a nation face the greatest threat than we ever have. Argue what you want about Iraq, or Afghanistan for that matter, I'm not going to explain it at this time.
This war is a unique one, a tricky one...It takes a unique approach. You need both eyes wide open. So, to sum it want a realistic, positive, non defensive attitude. I accept it as inevtible and something that has to be done.
I could have said it all in that one paragraph...I suppose that some back ground validates the answer. I do admire tersness. The Spartans considered it a virtue.
The For Lettered "I" word...
Watching the news today you see that 115 Iraqi's and counting were killed by a Suicide Bomber at an IDF Induction center. Most likley Hezbollah carried it out. I know, Zarqawi... "Isn't he Al Qauda?" He's both. My answer to that? Set up the induction centers out in the open desert with atleast 200 meters of open space surounding the main building from the front gate.
Man...what a charge! Nothing left but, the front of the car.
Yesterday morning I had a conversation with a Gaudsmen just getting back from Iraq. He said that the first week there everyone gets Diahria. I'm certain they are drinking bottled water. He said that his blood pressure shot up and that many have had little health quirks.
I just finished reading "Tactics of The Cresent Moon" by John Poole. If your a Soldier(or one of it's derivatives) I recommend that you read it. The boy compiled some useful information.
Cold Mountian .
I visited my mother after getting back in yesterday. We watched Cold Mountain together. I had not seen it. Well...I have some strong feelings about it. The story takes place mostly in Western NC. Haywood County to be exact. There is a Cold Mountian...actualy I know of is a part of The Balsams...a sub range of the Appalachians you can say. It's in the Shining Rock Wilderness. No town called that that I know of...maybe once...The Cruso Comunity is close to it.
Well, I haven't read the book. I'm not going to say anything about it.
It was filmed in Transylvania Romania, not Transylvania NC. They didn't gain a thing by filming it over there. It was said that the woods of Appalachia were over logged...a qoute I remember from a story in USA Today(worthless publication) said that the woods were logged every 20 years in NC. It was said that they no longer resemble the period. I'll be the first to say so...20 years of timber is nothing! Poor excuse! Were they to lazy to look? I know where there is bigger timber than anything I seen in the movie.
Some of this county's first settlers were from Romania(I once had the hot's for one of their decendants) No doubt they settled here because it reminded them of home...the same said for my Scottish ancestors. But, the Mountains I seen in that movie were not Appalachia. They didn't gain a thing.

I liked Ruby. She was a fine woman. Strong and independant. I've known several people somewhat like her.

I've typed enpough...later.
Appalachian Intellectual

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A day in the life

It came close today...

As I said in my first post, I'm a drilling reservist, subject to change. It came close to changing today.

I received a call at work just before 0900(9AM to you civvies) from one of my unit admenastrators. She informed me that I had come down on a roster of four people and that they would be taking three of us to deploy with a Reserve Unit being activated 1 March. They needed three 11B(Infantry). The unit was an MI Battalion(Military Intelegince Bn) from the north east. Nothing much else was known.

At that time I could "Volunteer" or take my chances. I looked at the calendar across the break room. 1 March was a Tuesday. I have drill this weekend, and I'm on orders for training all next week. I was going to have two day's to get everything together and say good bye and be gone. That's a jump throught the hoops for my employer, and, I have alot of questions...I don't know these people...where is theyre Mobilization Station? What will I do in an Intellegince unit as an Infantryman? Where are they going to, Iraq or Afghanitan? Can I take my own personal side arm(A Sigg Sauer P220 .45 ACP)? I asked who else was on the list...The names were familair, but, I couldn't place the faces. I'm reletivaly new to this unit and it's over a three hour drive from my house. If I had heard the name of my buddies that transfered there with me I would have "Volunteered".

She said that she would let me know what came either way. Simple. As I told her, you just acceppt the inevitable. I imeadiatly told my Plant Manager. He was like..."tell them you have to know for sure. That your employer has to find someone new." I had warned him some time back that this could happen.(I can hear a helecopter buzzing through the mountains)
I told him they would let me know.

I then got on my Military e-mail and sent word to the boy's that had transfered to this new unit with me and one of the retired guy's. Then I got on my cell phone and tried getting ahold of my brother. Last Sunday we had talked it over, (I am pending activation later in the yrear, but, this was sudden) he would handle things for me while I was gone...My Power of Attorney, handle the things that come up. He lives a couple of states away and I knew was doing contract work in a Papaer Mill on third shift. I called the number he had called me on my cell phone from. It was the Paper Mill. So I sent him an e-mail.

Here it was, I was most likley(80%) going to war with a unit I knew nothing about. And as I told my brother, a bunch of yankees. I would not know my date of activation(1March?) and where I would have to go to. Much less what was actually being reqiured of me. And can I take my gun?
Further, I was going to have to settle some affairs quick. Set my power up on bank draft and cut off the main power, cut the water to the house and drain all water lines . Basicaly shut everything down and notify my creditors. I have had a plan, but, it was being implemented at a faster rate than I had anticipated lately.

Then at noon I received another call. USARC(US ARMY RESERVE COMMAND) sent another message down and all four of us was off the list. They had someone already aligned before hand...a SNAFU Basicaly. Then I had to turn around and tell everyone it was off. The Plant Manager said Welcome Back.

No one knows of this in the family, but, my brother. I don't think some have took it seriously. Some can't comprehind that I live on call. That's what it is...on call.

I have spent the evening packing for drill and my week to come. I need to get everything in the truck in the morning and won't be back until the next weekend.
Amy, if your reading this, no offense on the Yankee thing.
The future is alway's uncertain...
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Appalachian Patria

New title, same attitude. Let's throw a grand opening. The URL stay's the same though...I know it seems as indecisive as a school girl, but, it wouldn't acceppt the new URL. So, in an effort to make it easy, it stay's the same. My apologies for the false alarm.
Also in the post before I said "Appalchia" not Appalachian. The two rymed...can't have any hoaky stuff man.
As well, Thanks to Ed I have made progress on posting links. I have done everything right, but, an actual link won't appear. I'm not sure why. I intend to talk to someone who knows HTML and get their hands on help.

Sorry for the false alarm.
Appalachian Intellectual

Monday, February 14, 2005

Some Things

Folks, tommorrow is the big day...This will no longer be "Hill Billy Rave", it will be "Appalachia Patria". The name will more truly reflect the persona of this thing. The addy will be

OK on to things. I've been linked(and I intend to repay the favor) It feels so warm and fuzzy to be making freinds...

A good fellar named Travlin' Ed Abernathy found me because we are both Drive By Truckers fans.(Dead, Drunk and Naked, Ed!) He's a Navy Man, coming down on 26 years of service, ready for retirment. He's a home sick Southrenor with good southren values. His blog is very personable, funny, and intertaining. Darn fine fellar, check him out! (Theres your tribute more or less Ed)
In an earlier post I reccomended the book Imperial Hubris, I did a search and was suprised to find a pretty woman listing it as well. RenaRF, she is. She's a Democrat that is kinda edgy about a National Sales Tax(wich I feel would make our lives better), but, she's not your stereo typical Democrat either(she doesnt' think Bush is evil, and is no fan of Hillary). Despite our differences, she is not the least bit hostile, actually a freindly person, deep in her convictions and that picture of her sitting in the floor is way cute!
Looking in the "random notes" section, you will find some of our conversation. I fully intend to link her.
Also, someone down east(the eastern part of North Carolina) commented on our debate over a National Sales Tax. That's Taylor, the parent of a darn cute youngin'.
Mountian Bikes
Southren Appalachia is covered by National Forest. In NC, it's the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, the Sumter in SC, Chatahoochie in GA, and Cherokee in Tennesee. Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia have theirs too, it doesn't realy matter, they all share the same problems.
For the most part in NC, they are all "Game Lands", supported by the Wildlife Commision. The funds partly come from Hunting License fees. This means that they can be hunted in open seasons.
Mountain Biking has gotten popular in the National Forest's. I personaly have some respect for Bikers for taking on the physical effort. I've taken up for them on an issue a time or two. They pay taxes out of their paycheck as well.
A Biking coworker had seen two hunters with some type of tracking device and after riding by them a way's heard two shots. It's Hunters looking for their dogs, most likley Coon Dogs. No big deal. This freaked them out! My co worker said that they had a problem of the bike being red and white, that they heard Hunters like to shoot at red and white going through the woods! This poor soul said this with a serious look on their face. This is rediculous. It's a shame. More on this later.

I edited this from the original post. I felt more background behind the issue was needed and then later felt it was an accumulation of agrivations against the Mountian Biking Crowd. I do like my coworkers.

If you are just coming around, go to my first post, Kituah, it will explain a thing or two. "
Happier things later.
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, February 13, 2005



Saturday, February 12, 2005


Last night I was out too late for as little fun as I had. It wasn't as good as last Friday night and it wasn't grand. I was supposed to meet Jello Boy and Mutual Female Aquantance at one of the local hangouts. Mutual Female Aquantance was also supposed to have Freind Of Mutual Female Aquantance with her. She brings her up to me like I have never met her and I have...Maybe she's hoping that we can all be like Barny, Andy, Thelma Lou and Helen. I'll suck it up and be Barny. The thing is, it's a long story, but, we've met on a couple of occassions.MFA called me on the cell phone and said they were coming in a short while. After sitting there for a long time, looking through the arts and enterainment rag( my horoscope was cool!) and only having a conversation with a somewhat depressed Yankee, I was about to leave when they walked through the door. Well, there is no Freind Of Mutual Female mention of her either. Strange after as addamently as she was bringing her up to me...oh well. Well, we listened to the band, an all strings thing...a touch of Blue Grass and watched the hippies dance. To be honest, I was bored right out of my skull. I might as well come home and argued on a National Sales Tax.

In a small town late at night you have flashing lights. Someone didn't handle them well. I passed a wreck on the way to my truck. I hope everyone was alright.

Well, I'm not going to sit here and complain. Today I did a Ruck Walk...or a Road March. I did last Sunday Morning as well. Last weekend, I walked here on my road doing only about 4 miles and today was probably around 7. I did a closed Forest Service Road walking out for an hour and a half and turning around. A ruck Sack is what the Army calls a Back Pack. Mine is an ALICE and to the unfamiliar, it's nothing like what you see in your hiking goods store. It's made to be lower profile and to be able to fit bulky stuff like ammunition into it. I carried a few things and threw in a set of dumb bells for weight. Rucking can be a very good conditioning excercise. Both times I wore my new Knee Pads, Balck Hawks neoprene pads(Hellstorm) The only thing I don't like about them is they say "Hell Storm" across the top. After a short while, you hardly notice the things are there and they stay in place realy well so far. As well, they provide alot of protection for your joints. As an added protection from getting the straps ripped open some strategicaly placed 100MPH Tape(Duct tape to you civvies) can give peace of mind.
A funny thing today, as I was walking back I looked down and there was a peice of trash. It was tied in a knot...I bent down and it was a tore off peice of Cellophane tied into a knot with pot in it. The things people drop. The Shenck Job Corps is just the other side of the ridge, it may have been one of them. It's still there if they get to missing it.
Oh, Depressed Yankee was a nice guy who is trying to fit in well as a Southrenor.

Till xext time kids...and don't forget to drink your powdered toast!
Appalachian Intellectual

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Be it known this day of our Lord, the 8th of Febuary 2005, that the name of this Blog will be changed from Hill Billy Rave to Appalachia Patria effective in seven day's time. The address will be
Seriously folks, in a conversation between me and Chris Estes, he gave me his concern over the name Hill Billy Rave(it came from an inside joke between me and Jello Boy). To many the name hill billy invokes thouhgts of backwardness. Do a search for Hill Billy Rave and you get "Hill Billy Rave Up". With references to Hayseed Dixie doing AC/DC tunes on Banjo's. Almost went to one of their shows once, but, opted not to.
I once told a Liberal that I was an Appalachian Patriot and she thought I was prejeduce and in a "militia". No. I'm true to the cause of my Appalachia. I joke about myself being a Hill Billy and I'm rather proud of my Mountain Heritage. Appalachia Patria fits better though. Appalachian Intellectual is plain thinking.
Appalachian Intellectual

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Darn It!

I just wrote a post on 40% of this weekend and it went poof! The Browser defaulted and I had to reboot the computer.

I have a picture that I want to post, but, for some reason it is corrupt. I'll make an uncorrupt one.

The Baraccuda and the Horse
Friday I learned of a freinds car wreck a week past. He hit a horse standing in the middle of the Highway doing 55-60 MPH at 2 AM. He drove a classic Baraccuda(69?) and the horse rolled onto the hood, across the window and over the back after he carried it a way's. The car was flattened, the horse(a full grown horse is about a 1000lbs) died and he managed only some minor injuries to mostly his face. He does have a sore back though.
He thought the horse's holf caught him in the face, but, they found it was the steering wheel. He was jolted real bad...The boy thought he was about to die. The Almighty had other plans though.
There has been an issue between me and him and I have intentionaly kept my distance from him. The boy messed up, didn't deal with it and it dealt him. Maybe this will cause him to deal with the issue.
Jello Boy
My recently single again cousin that is now back in town called me Wednesday and wanted me to come by. He had gotten the phone number of a mutual female aquantence. It was a cross of breaking the news/ informing me of his fortune with a whole lot of "Gee Whiz Willikers" factor involved. No big deal to me...I had the chance and chose not to. My Buisness, not an issue. He also wanted to get a few people together and go out to eat Friday night. We usualy eat out every Friday night together, but, this time, make something of it.
Friday night comes. I clean up, dress decently(looked pretty darn good too) and even managed to get myself into a mood where I can tolerate people full of shit if I had to. I call him to see what the plan is..."I couldn't get anyone together. I don't think I will, I'm tired. I think I've got me a girlfreind(Gee Whiz Willikers tone) I've...I've been hanging with(Insert Mutual Female Aquantenance name here)"..."She gets out of class at nine, she told me to get some rest. I think I'm going to take a nap." My mood to tolerate people full of shit almost faded away.

He is alway's doing this crap. "Hey! Let's do this!" Time comes..."No, I don't think I will" It leaves you hanging and that gets on your nerves.

Saturday night we did go to eat. My Aunt took us all out, very kind of her. He say's to me, " Were already having an issue...The dogs don't get along". He had a touchy feely look in his eye's. I'm about to cough up my Grouper. I manage to keep it down, though. Earlier he had said to my Aunt that he messed up getting a Girl Freind two weeks before Valentines Day not knowing how to handle that. That I USUALY figure these things out(perhaps because I know what an OODA Loop is?). "What? Do I have to figure this out for you?" "No...I 'll figure it out".

Now the Gee Whiz Willikers factor is thick. The boy is shaking like an upside down bowl of Jello, but, inside he has the consistancy of soup. So, I'll refer to him as Jello Boy until the situation evolves or disolves.

Don't get me wrong. My Gag Reflex may have been triggered and I see a recipe for disaster, but, they are both genueinly good people and do seem rather compatable. I did say to him once in refernce to younger girls, that if I love her only five minutes that's better than never loving her at all. The truth is it's all in how you treat it. But, the sudden "Us thing" and the Gee Whiz Willikers Jello shaking thing I can't help but poke fun at.

Friday night later.
Appalachian Intellectual

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mean Caffeine

"Working down at Billy Bob's Bar and grille...
The Food here tastes the way I feel...
There's a girl on the dance floor dressed to kill...
She's the best looking woman in Buttholeville..."
From The Drive By Truckers "Buttholeville" off of the CD "Gangstabilly"
Appalachian Intellectual

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Random Notes

It is 29 degrees, raining and getting icy. That's winter time.

Both sides in the War on Terror(not a very good name) got a laugh yesterday. Yeah, I'm talking about the toy. The weapon didn't have a magazine in it. That type of knee pad that "he" was wearing tends to fall down onto the shin(Black Hawk Neoprene's won't). According to the Media a full accountability was mustered in Iraq. It's something what an illusion can do. Just look at the reaction it caused. The Jihadist laughed I'm sure. Who knows, maybe it even confused them.

Something that I would like to hear in the State of The Union Address tonight: We are going to seal our borders and cut down on Immigration. We are going to drill for oil in ANWR(those have to be done for us to survive GWOT on our own terms) and we will have a National Sales Tax( One more thing, we are going to overhaul the Nations Military and not give it new gadgets and say everything is great.
I got the idea of this from Nealsnuze(

?Is anyone reading this?
More later...
Appalacian Intellectual